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SCE Shadow Company Elite Recruiting!

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Hello All.. ....We are now recruiting for GR:AW (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter)..We currently have over 100 members worldwide and growing every week....Shadow Company Elite has been around for over 9 years and we have some of the best officers out there.....We have been playing GR:AW from the release date and have some very experienced players too team up with....We have Monday night GR:AW night every monday night (Read Forums to find out more)..we are a multi gaming clan we also support Battlefield 2142/ BF2/SWAT4/Americas Army/And Soon Crysis.....Just go to the forums in the JOIN US topic and apply...If your not intrested in recruitment than just stop by and check out our sight and play some of our arcade games....Take care and Thanks SCE_EVOSTVO

We are an 18+ clan only


Websight with forums and active admins full time.

Come join the fun JOIN TODAY!



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Great Post EVO!

We are a Large World Wide PC Gaming Clan! We are looking to grow our GR:AW division. We currently have 12-15 players and looking for more experienced players, to help us for our Match Play.

Check us out at www.shadowcompanyelite.com

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Even if your feelings are currently to not be in a team/squad we would appreciate if you hang in our server "SHADOW COMPANY ELITE" and chat with us from time to time.

  • We are constantly in our server (mostly nights GMT-5)
  • We have 3 decent map makers who also help other map makers through our forums as well as teamspeak
  • We make sure our server is running lagfree
  • I help run the Pro Gaming League match tournaments which will soon expand to other games as well
  • We are one of the most active groups out there from Battlefield 2142 to GRAW to Madden 07
  • We do want to match a little more so we would love to add you to our list - even if you don't want to match, we would be honored to have you.

Alot of We's and I's, but I am just trying to give you a little synapses of who we are. Joining SCE doesn't pull any formal commitment. Just opens up doors to more options for online gaming. See for yourself...

Sounds good to me...

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Hop on bye. SCE_FATMAN aka Tom Anger, is unveiling his newest Map...a Tribute to a lost friend.

PM me at www.shadowcompanyelite.com , and I will give you our Team speak info.

Love to see some new players on board!

Edited by SCE_ODiN

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