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Sniper Cannon need MODDERS

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I am still studying for my test. But I need experienced modelers, skinners, and such.

I haven't heard yet if people have been attempting the radical new ghillie suits I have been suggesting in the skins forum. And I still need several more gun models done before the mod is complete.

How about splash screens? I've got alot of nice pics that can be made into a splash screen if anybody wants to do it.

I have a few helping me but I need more. Does anybody feel interested?

If you are let me know.

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I will send them late tonight or early tommorow. Beware....they are very large. So I will have to send the first one seperately from the rest. I will give you time to acknowledge receival and to move it to your hard drive and delete it from your inbox.

You can resize it or whatever you see fit.

If I send you more than one can you make it so it cycles through them? Or maybe even get fancy and "merge" several pics into one somehow?

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