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where's the way out?

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Okay, I'm stuck on one of the early levels of GR:AW for PS2 where you have to secure the American as well as the Mexican president's extraction. I blow up the building like the general orders, but then I'm stuck in that area with no where to go, and I still haven't been able to get to Bravo squad or the mexican president. I haven't even been on the roof. Is there any way to do any of these things? I cannot continue, there's nowhere to go.

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i had the same problem.

immeaditly after the copter is taken down rush to a large gate near where you placed the charge. the gate will only open up after some hostiles try to attack you from the right. it may take some re-trys to find the gate, but it is there. once inside the gate( which magically opens) go up the ladder to the roof top. this is where it gets hard.

you must kill all the people on the rooftops AND people on the ground at the same time. you will have a clear view of the alley where the VIP is running. kill all the people trying to shoot him. after he makes it to saftey, continue on to a largeladder going to the streets. the gate at the end will open for you to complete the level only after the VIP is saved.

good luck.

p.s. i took me 3 hours of being stuck at the same spot before i finally figured it out. that level sucked :wall:

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