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Mission #2: coup d'etat

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I'm playing the second mission of GRAW1 and I just can not destroy the tank because I don't know how to use the antitank Zeus. I don't have any reticle.

Please help me.

PS: sorry for the grammar, I'm french...

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Merged with the existing Mission 2 discussion thread, Where that has already been asked and answered many times before - EG see posts # 10+11+16

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well, aim in the general direction of the tank you wish to destroy, then press and hold the right mouse button, until the interface you are given in the game tells you that you are locked (it should make a frantic bleeping noise as well) then press the fire button. then bye bye tank, hopefully.

hope that helps!

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Had the same problem because I had my zoom control set to the mouse scroll wheel. I suddenly thought to put controls back to default, and it works. You need to use the right mouse button, hold it down while aiming towards the armor, and once it is locked on it should either fire or you click to fire, can't remember.


Well duh, somebody already answered, maybe I should read the previous post before opening my mouth.

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