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Team JAWBREAKER recruiting

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GRAW xbox 360 clan, currently seeking new members. We are a clan that is not about kill counts, we are a clan that is all about teamwork. We have a ranking order for members, and within games, either squad or coop, we give orders and move our team around in an organized way. NO RUN and GUN !. We play tactically, and develop strategies for each map. We are looking for members that are free most weeknights and during the weekends. That doesnt mean you have to be on everynight , it just means that we play during the week in the afternoon and night, and we get together on weekends. Particularly we are looking for members over the age of 18 who are not hindered by parents. We are also looking for people who WANT to get together for matches, not people we have to ask over and over, "where have you been". Once we go through a couple of games with you and feel like you will fit in with everyone, you will be apart of the clan and you will definitely make friends among members because we particularly look for people with our personality and hence we have all become good friends. if you are interested in trying out, we play weekday nights and weekends. leave a message for either




tellilng us you are interested and we will send an invite,. make sure you tell us you are interested in the clan and want to try out.

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