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Cpl Ledanek

gif thread:

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hehe that's quite amusing, i dont really use grens in GR

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LOL, he stands there looking at it for a few seconds before he even attempts to run. Could have been worse, if that was a bottle of Boomer bile. :D

Admittedly, I've done that a few times before in video games - because developers think it's funny to have the same actions mapped to different buttons in different games. So, I'm pressing what I think is the melee attack button (it was the melee attack button in the previous game I was playing five minutes ago) to perform a melee attack on an enemy, only to find I threw a grenade at the wall at it comes back and smacks me in the face - It was the grenade button!! It would be so much better if all these games with the same actions would have those actions mapped to the same buttons across all games. :shifty:

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