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Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility

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this is what i amd/ling

i just d/l ed the above mentioned file and when i installed it and rebooted i got the following messages --new hardware found pci host bridge looking for drivers, which obviously it didn't find cause the program stopped responding so i killed it then up came --found new hardware pci pci-to-pci bridge and would not start....so i boot up in safe mode and restore to b4 and everything o.k.....i have an 845 intel chipset running me and intel says i need this to install chipset optimizer...now on intel's website i had no warnings or readme but as i went back 2day and searched thru faq's is says i must install this after my o.s. b4 any other drivers huh ? so i have to do a whole reformtat to install this thing is what i gotta do ?! that really sucks as i just reformatted last week....i don't suppose there is another way or a workaround is there ?!


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