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Same problem here. I went through and knocked out the tanker and eliminated everything I could find on the map with a heartbeat, but no objective has popped up and I can't get past that car.

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I figured it out. Here's the deal:

1) You can't get inside the parking garage.

2) To blow up the building, run up to the objective marker and face the wall. Wait for the icon to show up in the bottom center of the screen, then hit L.

Best of luck.

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simply place the demo charge on the corner of the wall in the street where the tanks are coming towards you. make sure you get as for away as you can before it goes off. also make sure you get to the site in time, so the tanks dont blow you to kibbles and bits.

the explosion will cause the building to collapse killing the tanks.

i found the part after that to be even harder. Thinking i had to get to the site, i got stuck on the rooftops. youre actually supposed to shoot all enemies trying to kill the VIP, so that he gets to the site.

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