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######! ghost recon became rainbow6!

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NO desertranger is right...

GR2 and GR2SS are not a GR by any part of its game play.... But I will give GR2SS a small bit of credit for making some mission objectives in what ever order we want to complete it. Just a small bit though. Look at The Sum Of All Fears on PC, to my opinion it was pretty good also, and I consider it part of the GR series.

And as for the R6 series, I stoped buying new R6 and stayed with Raven Shield on PC cause it just went all the way down to hell and never came back with a bang. I almost stoped with GR, but GRAW PC is making me question it.

We want [GR] back in the day when it was 'A' PC game... It was a game for all of us slow tactical fans to play!!

Ive been at it with R6 and GR since I was 13 and loved until recently... :o= Two to UBI, thanks alot guys for ruining a couple good games!!

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Shoulda put that 50 bucks towards a 360. I LOVE the 360 version, i havent talked to one person who doesnt like it. AMAZING

Amazing no... it is good thoe!

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How are the graphics compared to GR2SS?

From screenshots, I'd say awful. They tried for the look of the 360 verison on the Xbox, and that meant cutting corners everywhere.

Silly people.....

I personally thought the xbox version was perfectly fine. the graphics were really good.

So what if the multiplayer games suck and u cant go third person.....its still a fun game and i like if so FU

i loved the series, and rushed out and picked up GRAW and was blown away by the COMPLETE and TOTAL game swap,

This game is rainbow 6 NOT the ghost recon series....

no more 3rd person no more prone no more gun camera no more lone wolf!!!!!

i wish i could get my $ back on principle alone!!!!

...next to silly AI sometimes the series was my favorite game of all times....

Who the hell does this to comsumers,

what other series has done this!

...its even choppy on the xbox....!!!!


UR silly...

the xbox version is perfectly fine, the graphics are still pretty descent... so what if the multiplayer games suck and u cant go third person its still a fun game. so FU

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i noticed that the older GR series is more like rainbow6 , but i thought that after 2011 and summit strike why do they go back to the old format...

i hated island thunder and GR1, they sucked imo, and i loved the latter 2 versions...one expects tweeking a sequal not a complete startover...

i wont bother to buy another clancy game without renting it first, its obvious they are a bunch of unpredictable flakes....

in automotive terms:

thats like pre-ordering the new GTI and getting a damn spiffed up rabbit...


yes and why do u say this....if u were to listen to us pc gamers ud pickup IT and GR1 for pc so many mods give bout 300 bucks in extra stuff all free!!!!!

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