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Windows Live, essentially, is an effort to unify that work. And really, when you think about it, MSN has really been building Windows experiences, even though many of those experiences were browser based. So when you think about the new Windows Live branding, it does makes some sense, though I continue to have fears that the Windows division will eventually crush the good parts of MSN.

Sohn doesn't see it that way. "This is a way to extend the Windows user experience," he said. "There are already a couple of places where you see glimmers of what is possible. The first place we did it is desktop search. And that was a very simple choice: We decided to do deep Windows shell integration and the other guys [Google] chose not to. We used publicly documented APIs, just like any other application would, but the other guys [Google] decided to put everything inside a browser window and mix [search] results [between Web and file search]. We did pretty well with that."

A very good read and some intersting things for the future.

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