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Dr Death

A Serious Question

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I have just joined this forum although I have been reading it off and on for quite a while now. It was in February of 2005 that my brother turned me on to Ghost Recon II and it didn't take long before I was hooked. Then I ventured out and became a member of XBox Live and for a time it increased the fun in an already exciting game.

When Ghost Recon II: Summit Strike was released I decided to try and take things one step further. I spent many hours looking for serious and dedicated players. The kind of people who are looking to utilize the game for all its worth.

As I see it, the Ghost Recon series, at least II and Summit Strike, can best be enjoyed as a team game. Where strategy and teamwork play into the outcome with an almost unbelieveable realism. It really doesn't matter if you are playing Squad or Co-Op, either way I believe that TEAMWORK is the key. I think any soldier in real life would tell you the same.

Here's the problem, and if you'll hang with me, I'll get to the question: The problem is that XBox Live is primarily geared towards young kids. How many times I found myself in a room with 10-15 year olds who have NO clue about the concept of teamwork. It doesn't matter who gets the most kills, what matters is defeating the opponent and working as a team and ensuring that all members of your team stay alive. (That's how I see it anyway)

So frustrated was I that I actually quit playing about a month ago. I see a game that has amazing potential, yet the people that I have seen play it, have no idea of how to tap into that possibility, and sadly, no desire.

With the realization that what I envisioned was not going to happen, I walked away. Now, more than a month later I find myself missing the game. And I still find myself hoping that what I envision is still a possibility.

My question: Are there people out there who play the game the way I do? Teamwork, strategy, and PATIENCE?

I should also add that I prefer, and play only 1st Person! The over-the-shoulder thing is cheap, in my opinion. Yet whenever I started a room of squad, playing Last Man Standing and put the settings on 1st Person Only all I heard were complaints. Many complaints. When I explained that the playing field was now level for everyone I still heard more complaints.

Having read this forum for a time I decided the best thing to do was post this question and see if there are actually any people out there who feel as I do. I figure the worst that could happen is I will get flamed and laughed at. I can handle that. But before I give up on this great game completely I figured I should ask.

I have great hope that Ghost Recon: Adavanced Warfighter will open up the possibilities even more. With the delay until February I see a window open to find other like-minded people. I would also add that I would dearly love to join a clan with people like me playing against others like me.

Thanks for your patience and my apologies for a very lengthy first post!

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Hi Dr. Death,

I think that there are people out there who want the same thing that you do. You need to find them and put them on your friends list. Play with them and only them.

The other day, I was waiting for some friends to join. I played peaks on hard by myself with the suppressed SCAR. I took it very slowly, waiting for enemies, and vehicles, and attacking on my own terms. I had a great time, but couldn't complete it. One of my buudies joined, and we completed it on hard, both of us were in the green at the end. We then went on to mountain base and completed that as well. At different times on these maps, we would sit and wait for patrols to come by, or before we attacked, we would always sneak up and observe the enemy for a minute or two. We talked about which weapons to take, communicated during firefights, called out targets, and basically strategized our way through both maps.

This was one the most enjoyable times I ever had on live, mostly because my buddy and I had the same playing style. I always host, and now I only host private rooms, so that knuckleheads don't come in and ruin it. Many of my friends want the same thing that I do. Stealth, tactics, teamwork and fun. If nobody's online, then I play alone, and try to complete the maps on hard.

Keep looking and you will find good gamers. We're out there.

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