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Windows Vista Product Editions Preview

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:P Its cool you can play GRAW on it too. ;)

not on my 64 megs of video ram in my mac-mini you cant:(

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I just installed it on a formatted partition, it's very cool. I was very impressed at how it connected to the internet without any hiccups even though I use a wireless router. The desktop is very smooth.

I thought I'd be going into the bios at every startup to select which HD I wanted to boot on, but it is automatically asking me at startup if I wish to boot to Vista, or an older OS install, if I choose the later, it boots to the XP install I use daily, neat.

The only thing it seems to have not picked up on properly is the Audigy 2 sound card, it has no clue what it is, it didn't even try using a basic sound driver. Apart from that, impressive installation.

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Hi Rocky I had similar prob with 32 bit version xfi sound card downloaded from Creative and installed ok though.

You are right its looking good but the price tag seems a bit high.

Next year is going to be an iteresting year Vista DX10 new games New Hardware lol.

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