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I might, that whole needing to be grounded thing got me paranoid that i screwed something up so i wont be gaming even longer... so i dont really wanna go screw anything up, ill just take it back to the shop and hope i dont get charged anything since it isnt working. (after it was taken to be fixed) I think ive had many power issues now , i mean more than any other problems.

I just hope i didnt fry all new parts because i touched something , i hate electricity i mean it isnt a great PC by any means i need upgrades , but with my record i just want to play a video game whther its ghost recon or half life 2 and the newest games out.

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WEll id just like to let you know i took it to the shop , he removed all the cards , nope didnt work , he took the heatsink off and held the proccessor (im guessing its something to do with the loose heatsink theory , still didnt work , so im guessing. PSU or Motherboard , possibly HDD.. its still there , he has no clue , but umm hes looking , i think the psu died honestly

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If he is clueless(again), you really need to find a REAL shop(You are so getting hosed at this place, whether you want to hear it or not), or get with one of us and go through it yourself, step by step, one on one with one of us.

It's advice that has been repeatedly given to you, time and again by many of us.

It's one of 4 possible things:

PSU or bad case switch. (Most likely, or the power wire from the switch to the mobo came loose.)

Mobo. (A likely 2nd.)

CPU. (Doubtful. That is rare.)

RAM. (No way. RAM will cause a POST failure, but not a power failure, at least not that I've ever seen in the 1200+ machines I've built and repaired.)

Hard Drive. (No way at all. The PC doesn't need any drives, expansion cards, or RAM to power up. It won't POST without RAM, but it will power up, and it will POST if the hard drive is bad and give you an error.)

Incidently, a 350 Watt PSU is plenty good enough to run the hardware you have, quite comfortably. I have machines here with more in them than that, running on 250's that are 5 or 6 years old.

Why don't you give this so-called professional my telephone number so that I can tell him how to fix your computer.

You really need to take our advice, and be done with this total BS hose job you're getting.

I'm sorry, but that's what that shop is doing to you. I have never seen such ineptitude in a so-called professional in all my life, and believe me when I say that as an IT professional of almost 15 years, I have seen alot of ######' ineptitude.

These people in this shop you're going to really need to consider a major career change, like totally out of the computer field.

And I'm not bad mouthing you, but these guys are really too damn much, and I hate to see anyone get hosed like they are a statue in a park under a flock of pigeons.

They have done nothing but screw ya' on this whole thing since day one.

A real professional would say if he couldn't figure it out, "I'm stumped, so what I will do is let you take it to another shop, and we will pay to have it fixed. Please ask the tech that fixes it to call us, and let us now what it was and how he found it. We are truly sorry about this and your inconvenience."

Or they would upgrade you to the next level at no charge and give you a fresh machine.

If you were my customer and this happened, and you brought it back to me for a third time, you would have a totally new machine with the next level up in parts because of your patience and inconvenience..

It would be worth the 1000.00 to me to keep a customer happy, and have him keep coming back, and referring people to my shop. Incidently, that IS how I do business.

But then I know what I'm doing, and if I get stuck, I'm on the phone to mfr's or whatever it takes to get the answer. None of this fly-by-night crap you have had to deal with.

None of my customers EVER walked away from me not happy.

Customer service is everything unless you are inept, or a disreputable shop, or a fly-by the seat of your pants outfit.

You need to put your foot down, and just tell him he owes you a new machine, period, that you won't deal with this crap anymore, or you will take him to small claims court for the money you spent, the cost of the parts that they DOWNGRADED you to(What kind of banana head putz downgrades someone to fix a problem, anyway??!!), and the cost of the new machine you had to buy elsewhere.

These guys are getting away with murder, and I'm sorry for the rant, but that crap ###### me off.

It's like just because you're a teenager, they saw you coming, kinda like a disreputable mechanic does when a woman walks into their shop.

They figure you won't know the difference anyway, or you wouldn't have come to them in the first place, so they say "Frick him. He won't know, and we come out OK."

Sorry for the rant, but you have really put up with, and taken wayyyyy(with 5 Y's) too much ###### from these idiots and con-artists. If they weren't con-artists, you would have had a new, upgraded, working machine weeks and weeks ago.

[/rant] :wall::angry::nono:

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Wattage & Brand Grey?

Id like to correct somethign so noone mistakes my bad grammar, spelling, and other bad typing skills and formation of words. (ITS MY FAULT) lol

I meant clueless when i went in the shop - i didnt know id made the mistake of typing my sentences all wrong , i was at someone elses PC on DSL (not used to that :o) and in a hurry....

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Well yeah it never goes right, about from last christmas to august (then it worked fine the PSU just died, that just died okay, no shop mess ups required) there was an ###### working on my PC (he downgraded me and upgraded and everything in between.) and he just got fired , remember he couldnt do anything right , he was even screwing other people over as i heard someone complaining on the phone. But now hes fired, all solved. Only thing now is PSUs being duds... Remember i havent had any problems with the PC any other places, Windows all checked out fine , DXDIAG , CP , Hardware CP. and the parts themselves work fine (not including the PSU that never ever ever works.) Anyway the guy that screwed me over (remember Spectre?) hes fired and did all that crap you can read in previous threads. So anyway from July - September what the PC shop manager did the PC worked, the PSU died, all i needed was that and it would work again... Needs a new one again thats what i think , if not its the motherboard..

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The label says:

Thermal Take Pure Power max. load 420Watt.

It's about 2 years old and worked fine supporting a Barton 3200+, 2 cd/dvd drives and a Radeon 9800Pro.



Label says: AC Input 100 - 240V. We've got 220V in Denmark but I'll include a US adapter for the power cable. Suppose that'll do it?

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Ok for like the 3rd time this has happened, it must be a overheating problem he says. Remember when the motherboard and power supply killed each other? they did it again , but this time the company that made the PSU and Motherboard have to replace it , not the shop , not us. Anyway, someone stopped by to check on it and thats what he said, the someone who did said he was switching something about IB ( i have no idea what the crap that is but i hope he makes it impossible to overheat, im getting tired of it , i bet thats why i have no video card too.

I'd also like to note the motherboard and psu were brand new. Im guessing the reason theyre replacing is warranty. Im gonna buy another fan when i get it just so i dont get this bs again.

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wow that’s crazy

I’ve read the previous posts but i have not been fallowing the whole episode so

you’ve had the same problem twice? With the same hardware brand and model? Or different.

And when you say overheat problem, is that CPU overheat or something else?

New PSU and mobos just don’t die like that. Especially twice in a row.

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