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For those of you that after upgrading windows xp service pack 2.

You may have recieved a message re your Antivirus or lack of on your system.

If you followed the link Microsoft provided you may have downloaded a one year free subscription to EZ Ativirus.

From today some surpport for these downloaded versios is no longer available.

These are the versions.

- eTrustâ„¢ EZ Antivirus version 5.3

- eTrustâ„¢ EZ Antivirus version 5.4

- eTrustâ„¢ EZ Antivirus version 6.0

- eTrustâ„¢ EZ Antivirus version 6.1

EZ Ativirus home.


Theire current version is 7 please make sure you are up to date.

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