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GR2 not released because we break the law?

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Seriously, I don't think the game wasn't released because of piracy issues. If that's the reason, then that means we'll never see another PC game from Ubi again.

I also dont think the game wasnt released because of piracy issues. Because they did not release it for pc, they would be losing sales. The piracy rate may be high, but UBI still would get more money if they released it for consoles and PC, rather than just for the console. More platforms = more sales. ubi=stupid liars :)

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How many people can you think of with modded Xboxes?

I, Personally, can't think of anyone. Playing copied games on an Xbox requires a mod chip. I know there is also another method called soft-modding, but that's beside the point. Both methods require time, effort, and, especially in the mod chip case, require opening up your Xbox and installing the chip. Also, with soft-modding, you need to own a specific game and you need to make a fancy contraption to hook up a USB disk to an Xbox. Also, if you plan on keeping more than 1 or 2 games on your Xbox at a time, you'll need to shell out cash for a bigger hard drive.

Basicly, the Xbox IS a more secure platform till a point, because most people don't want to risk issues with the Xbox and voided warranties, and shell out the cash for a bigger hard drive and mod chip, and get all the supplies nessicary. But, after they get the mod chip and hard drive, they can simply borrow games from friends and copy them onto their Xbox, or Download them off the internet and then FTP them to their Xboxes.

But, with the PC's, a pirated copy of a game is simply a google away. Along with [Thing that should not be spoken of here] and any hacks that you could ever need.

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