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Muse - Blackout

Archive - Bullets (Marius de Vries Radio Mix), because of this...  

been looking for that song everywhere!  


CD3 (mixed by Robbie Long), Track 9:

DJ Stormtrooper & DJ Dair

Do It Like That

(A. Bachell/R.Aird) Written & produced by by A. Bachell & R. Aird. Published by Paul Rodriguez Publishing/Next Generation Publishing.

(P) 2005 Thin 'n' Crispy Recordings

Please link to large images. Let's keep the large images to the Wikid Photos and the Picture Threads.

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Yo GB, nice choice, you may also wanna check out CanDee Jays' other track, "If I Were You" (especially the Micheal Woods Remix) too. "If I were You" was released before "Lose This Feeling"

Anyway, I be listenin to:


So Wot (U Want Me 2 Do)

Followed by:

Dean Peters & The Edison Factor

The Beginning

(BK's "The End" Remix)

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LCD Soundsystem! "Daft punk is playing in my house, in MY HOUSE"

such a killer song. It's about this kid who saves his money for like 7 years to raise $40,000 to get Daft Punk to play in his house. Daft Punk is like, ######, they're set up in his basement next to the washing machine, all the local kids have like taped their amps together. It would be the best show ever.

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Stormtrooper & Dair


(A. Bachell/R. Aird) Written & produced by A. Bachell [stormtrooper] & R. Aird [Dair]. Published by Paul Rodriguez Music/Next Generation Publishing. (P) & © 2005 Thin 'n' Crispy Records.

Let me take you on a trip, just a simple journey. A journey full of sounds and beats.... One that will lead you down, way down, to the underground.
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Urban Hype

Trip To Trumpton

(Bobby D/Mark Lewis/Gavin Knight) Published by Copyright Control. Produced by Urban Hype. Contains elements from the tv series, "Trumpton", used by kind permission.

(P) & © 1992 Upfront Music/Music Features/MCA Music Limited.

13 years on and still an awesome tune in it's own right, one of the mighty old skool classics from the early nineties.

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