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Some steam user review highlights


First game that has killed me in the training.

This is hands down the BEST first person shooter I have ever played when it comes to realistic warfare.

Counterstrike for men.

This game is one of the best tactical fps games known by humans, and there are no micro-transactions at all.


-Played on the Insurgent Forces.

-Did way better than usual.
-Couldn't figure out why.
-Decided it was because of Allah.
-Accepted Islam.
-Blew up more Americans.
-Allahu Akbar.
10/10 would convert again.

This is the most fun I've ever had in an FPS!

Wow, this game is absolutely amazing. For the mature gamers looking for a realistic first person shooter, here it is. I am extremely pleased with this game, money well spent.

A first person shooter of this quality is a rare achievement.

OMG... no crosshair!

OMG... no minimap!
OMG... you can't tell who is friend and who is foe!
OMG... no HP indicator!
OMG... there is no instant spawn!
OMG... you die easily!
OMG... so hardcore!
OMG... it is perfect!


and so it goes on..... I'm checking this game out sounds great.

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LOL! Couldn't had said it better myself!

If you can find the right people, the game will make you a convert.

Just sayin' tbis game is definitely worth investigating. Definitely reminds me of the golden days of co-op gaming. Actually the bot training can be very hard! You will be flanked!

BTW, depending on server setup, if the current session sucks, start a vote and change the session.

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It's a fantastic game. no run and gun mindless shooting. You MUSt stick with your team or you will get mowed down. I like the fact that it doesn't have a HUD, threat indicator, how much ammo you have left, or if your mag is empty. There have been plenty of time where I was involved in a serious firefight, then a mexican standoff occurs I shoot and the God awful "CLICK" sound. The last thing you see is the AI Tango opening up on your happy ###### and now you're ghost caming your teammates because you were the idiot who emptied his mag and didn't change mag after a quick burst.

Another great thing that Chiles mentioned is the suppression effect. It is fantastic. It does make you duck and cover.
Sound effects are insanely real. I've fired an AK, SKS, M-16, 240 etc in real life and it has affected my game play in a positive way. I'm more cautious and I definitely watch my six more. In this game you WILL NOT run and gun or you will get your ass handed to you.

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Last spring I bought the game for 10 euros, I still want my money back.

Wow that is... surprising Blame.... I assumed that would have been (add any name of any game he has purchased or not, that someone likes here) :P

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BTW, where are you, Blame?!? We miss your positive attitude towards all things in life! Hope you'll be around again soon!

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