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feel free to nominate me for the [idiot] of the year award.

I got one just as good. ;)

I'd just finished installing my Vantec AeroFlow HS/F and closed up my case. I turned it on, and everything loaded up just fine. I was installing Norton 2004 when... doh! A shut down. I turned on the computer, checked the POST, and everything was dandy. Started installing NAV 2004 and the 'puter shut down. I then turn the PC back on and run a virus scan, which about half way through the computer shots down again. I'm starting to get worried now...

I take off the side panel and start examining my mobo and... I'm a [idiot].

I didn't plug the heatsink's 3 pin connector into my mobo. The ASUS Probe was shutting down my computer once the die temp. reached 50C.


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