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Rocky's new photo gallery

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Nice work both of you. As we are in the mood for sharing:


Is some of mine, and as soon as my latest film comes back from Fuji I'll stick some more up. :yes:

Still hoping :santa: will bring me a decent digital camera..... but I fear that is not going to happen. Or he can at least give me a kick up the ###### to go and take more photos. I'm too lazy to be a decent photographer.

(Rocky, one of your photos has a wonky horizon :nono: get one of these for your hotshoe: Hotshoe Spirit Level. They are grrrrreat for landscapes :thumbsup: .)

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Thanks for all the comments, keeps me motivated!

@Para, thanks, the sunbeams was a pure chance shot, it was an amazing scene and I was luckily to have the camera along. It was in a secluded area of a park, circular surounded by high bushes. The sun was just streaming down on us, and there were hundreds of tiny white seeds floating through the air, it was quite a magical sight.

@KP, yeh I did briefly notice one of them had a funny horizon, but I left it as that's how I took it - I will go take another look now you have mentioned it though, easy job to square p, and no need to go to Jessops! (I have more beads (spirit levels) than you could shake a stick at anyway :thumbsup: )

@Sync, the sunset shots were all from Kinghorn, Fife I think, I was working on a construction site there and had to be up early.

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very impressive, Rocky!!! :thumbsup: ....now that we know of your skills as a photographer, we'll expect a new feature on your website....."Rocky's photo of the day"!!! :P:rofl:......in August, my girlfriend and I spent a week in Mrytle Beach, South Carolina right here in the good ole USA....being she is a photographer too, we got up to see a sunrise...what we experienced was nature at its best....the sun light left a reddish glow along the beach, which was reflected in several narrow strips of water ......on top of that she caught a couple walking down the beach....with nature, you never know what you are gonna get...

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Wow, is there anything you can't do Rocky? :thumbsup:

Yah...I asked the same thing...

Rumor has it he can't cook...its not proven yet though. :ph34r:

You've been holding out on me Rocky...I hadn't seen the latest...I'll send you mine from the different places I've been on my "trip"...see if you can work some magic...heh heh.

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