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Found 7 results

  1. 'Sup? I recently bought the game after enjoying the Beta, but I'm tired of joining public lobbies full of people who won't use voice comms! I love tactical shooters which require solid teamwork, and it would be great to find a bunch of guys and gals who like to kick back, shoot the ###### and crush this game. I'm a pure PC gamer on a UK GMT-0 timezone. I have full voice comms, a decent PC rig and a fast broadband connection. Never been great with online dating profiles, but I'm a British 22 year old who likes long walks on the beach and smack talking people. Away from the keyboard I work full time in law enforcement and find video games to be a good way of satisfying my work-related need to shoot things. I like tactics and strategy and will fit well in teams who like to mix the social with a thorough, immersive gameplay experience. If interested please feel free to swipe right... or just PM me. Best wishes, Tom / FinalCatharsis
  2. PSN ID- BroBeeOneKanobi Hi all, just bought GRFS for PS3 had the game on 360 been playing it since launch, but now I have to start over. I already have most of the coop gunsmith back just need to finish the EMP challenge in the (Invisible Bear) coop mission and the two Guerrilla challenges for the Kard & Saiga 12. I re-downloaded all the DLC and uplay content so I can play with anyone, also I have a headset so communication is not a problem. I'm looking for a clan to join so please send a request if your interested in having me onboard. I'm on mountain time so let me know what zone your in. Look forward to hear form you. -BroBeeOne
  3. XxSolo-GeneralxX

    Looking for a group or clan

    Hey guys I'm a mature junior in high school and I got future soldier a while ago but I'm just now getting into as I've grown tired of COD. I play all classes but use mostly silence SMGs or shotguns and once in awhile a heavy mg just for fun. My psn is XxSolo-GeneralxX and I'm on a good bit of time I also,have a mic
  4. ok so I'm tired of trying to play GRFS Online when everyone just runs off doing there own thing and supplying no support when capturing objectives it make it next to impossible to play. I play online most night and am looking for a.clan to join who work well as a team to support team members. I have a Mic and work well when it comes to relaying information on objectives suppressing fire and enemy position and tactics atm I'm playing lvl 23 rifleman if u want to message me with clan details or invites reply here or IM me on PSN my in-game name is AP9MobFigaz.
  5. WOLF DOGS INTRODUCTION Hello clan seekers thank you for taking your time to read thread it is really appreciated. This thread started to attract to clan seekers on the PS3 severs. WOLF DOGS [DOG] is recruiting for a 5-6 men team (As well females are welcome, as well any ethnic, race.). My expections of this clan I created is to know and have environment with people that have passion for Ghost Recon Future Solider like me and my other clan members that belong to us. I am hopefully expecting to find potential players with desires to plays AS A TEAM. I am as well looking for LOYAL, RESPECTFUL PLAYERS (NOT CHILDREN). I am also expecting to find players that are ACTIVE ONLINE (ONLINE AT LEAST 3-4 TIMES A WEEK). One more important requirement is being a player with communication skills. ABOUT US Well us, Leeto and Ragna(Former Clan Member, and friend) love to play. We enjoy the game win or lose both of us always have positive attitudes, and always looking for a good time. We are both work as a team to play and outsmart the enemy and have always have each other's back, and treat every one with respect. Both of us have positive KDR (KIll DEATH RATIO). Mine at the moment is a 2.16, and Ragna's is a 1.56. We are not the best nor expect to be, but expect to be decent. FORMER MEMBERS Leeto313 (Leader) KDR 2.16 RaGnA-G--reaper (Lieutenant) KDR 1.56 O_o-AnGEL- Flow- (Lieutenant) KDR 3.54 KDR REQUIREMENTS NEEDS MICS (NOT NOISY!!) (NOR LAGGY) Kill Death Ratio of 1.50 and up.( This is optional, Not needed for evaluation you can a 1.40 somewhere around there and still join. ) Good Internet Connection. WANTS LOYALTY AND RESPECT TEAMWORK. COMMUNICATION . BE ONLINE 3-4 TIME A WEEK. PASSION FOR GAME. HOW TO JOIN ADD Leeto313 on psn. In that same message write CLAN RECRUIT. I'll follow up with you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (I will be usually on 8-12 P.M. Eastern time zone) Another way to join is through facebook. You can message me on FACEBOOK http://www.facebook....or.andujarortiz NOTE IMPORTANT We will not add people randomly. EACH applicant will through evaluation. That means you will play with us individually. We are looking for members as well as respectful buds.
  6. spyro76

    [PS3] Co-op/guerilla

    I'm looking for some capable players to add on PSN (my PSN ID is spyro76) for co-op and guerilla. I don't care if it has anything to do with a clan but I'll join if desired too. Add me if interested. My availability is any day after 4 PM EST. I'll likely be online a lot more than that just let me know when you can get online to do co-op etc. thanks!
  7. hi all Looking to full up squad and get all squad chievos. And to totally rule !. Squad XxDOGZxX SQUAD Squad tag DOW (DOGS OF WAR) Gt XxALPHADOG_BFxX