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    GRAW Xbox

    Check this thread; http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=31776 And this thread; http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=31716
  2. Kayook

    Playing XBOX version!

    OK, I played some more and; Enemies DO spawn right in front of you sometimes, oh how I hate that. Team-mate AI; twice in one level my fellow ghost threw a grenade against the wall right in front of him, killing himself both times, aaarggh! He also repeatedly walks into my line of fire. The slowdown in the 2nd level is more than I've seen in any GR game. The auto-save totally interrupts the flow of the game. IMO many of the objectives are confusing, there is a lot of trail & error (you die alot), to figure what to do next. Still cannot find any co-op types other than the missions. Even in SP quick mission mode there are no other game types but the mission (correct me if I'm wrong), unlockable maybe? I have to assume than the Co. that programmed GR2 & SS had nothing to do with this version because so far I think this is a step backwards especially in fun-factor. Again, just one man's opinion...
  3. Kayook

    Playing XBOX version!

    I also rented the Xbox version & I have to say I am so far very dissapointed with it. 1st off, am I missing something cause so far the only co-op you can play are the missions, ones that are unlocked anyway. No hamburger hill, siege, etc...just the missions. wth? Someone please tell me I'm wrong about this. What's with the long load times? When you die (& u will), it takes like 15 seconds before you can even jump back in. Granted I was not a huge fan of the direction that GR2 & SS took but I feel that at least they still felt like a GR game. IMO GRAW does not feel or play like any of the previous versions. I also have to add that right now I am only 2 levels into it. I think I need to go try again before I rant any further...
  4. Kayook

    ######! ghost recon became rainbow6!

    Well i guess this answers my question about how good the xbox version is... So far at Game Rankings it has only gotten 1 review; a 90% from OXM. How are the graphics compared to GR2SS? Are there helo-rides in this version? No ####, you can't go prone? Not cool!
  5. Kayook

    AI spawning and HD questions

    xbox version not out yet....maybe 17th...? Actually the Xbox version is already selling at my local GameCrazy. I looked at both the Xbox & the 360's game packaging and the back covers are almost the same except the screen grabs are different (obviously).
  6. Kayook

    AI spawning and HD questions

    Well that's good news. Nothing worse than having an enemy magically appear in front of you. GR2SS did this also... btw, how is the split screen handled in 16:9 mode, vertically or horizontal?
  7. In GRAW does the enemy AI spawn into existence when you reach certain points in a map (SP), like they do in GR2 or are they all-already in the map patrolling around? I really hated that in GR2. On a non-HD TV how does the 360 version of GRAW handle the aspect ratio? Does it play in a 4:3 or does it give you the option of playing in widescreen 16:9? Last question; has anyone got to try the regular Xbox version yet? Thanks in advance! K