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  1. TimberWolf

    The Park is Mine!

    Download keeps timing out....can't download it. Maybe later.
  2. TimberWolf

    Dedicated server needs CD key?

    Yay....it worked...[Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] key needed.
  3. TimberWolf

    Dedicated server needs CD key?

    U left out the link to the thread but that is ok because I have been hosting from behind my router on my primary rig anyway....I am good port wise. I am gonna transfer the files now and try it out....thanks
  4. TimberWolf

    Dedicated server needs CD key?

    Seeing that the cd key is not an issue, I want to put the sads on a unused pc in my home. I am running both pc's behind a Linksys router. The question is will I be able to play with folks like this? Dont want to waste my time if it wont work. Thanks in advance
  5. TimberWolf

    ***XFIRE User Names***

  6. TimberWolf

    I'm buyng teamspeak headphones

    I use the Turtle Beach HPA amplified 5.1 headset with my X-Fi sound card and I love it. Checkem out. Turtle Beach HPA I actually got them for $69US from Newegg not the 99SRP.
  7. TimberWolf

    Need Siege

    I don't know about you guys around here but I find that TDM is exactly not that. There is nothing team related. And as far as HH goes.....horrible. Maybe kit restrictions would help HH? The only mode I ever really played in [GR] was siege because it was slower paced and more tactical, not to mention fun. I think kit restrictions will change the way the game is played. Playing HH and DM the last couple of days was retarded. The whole match every match was nothing but nades going off around you and being shot as soon as you spawn. If you guys find this fun then I am in the wrong community. Anyway would just like to see siege and kit restrictions (almost forgot kick/ban feature) added soon before I get too impatient to mess with this game anymore. I am already back to playing AA which I don't even like. Thanks for listening. James
  8. TimberWolf

    Sound Card Settings

    Nevermind I figured it out. I had the software for the card set on entertainment instead of gaming.
  9. TimberWolf

    Sound Card Settings

    After installing the 1.21 patch I was perusing the options and found that the extreme sound option was missing. I use a Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card and the option used to be there but now its gone. Was this extreme option removed? All I show now are low, medium, and high. Enlighten me please. James
  10. TimberWolf


    Awsome post....I needed that. lol
  11. TimberWolf

    1.20 PATCH

    AMD Dual Core Optimizer Goto the above link and try this utility and see if it helps any.
  12. I thought it was software development kit. I could be wrong though.
  13. TimberWolf

    A Plea to TedSmith

    Quit lying wolf....you know you are always on the corner selling your ######....you dont have time for computer games unless it is unmanly on unmanly midget wrestling. Come on sometime and get some games in sissy boy. I am off 4 days this weekend and have not seen you once. Time for what? Go watch your footie unmanly wolf.
  14. TimberWolf

    Siege Mod Beta 1

    Wolf you don't have any time!....jackalope. You are never on, atleast I never hardly see you on. Anyway....Back to your footie wolfieboy.lol
  15. TimberWolf

    Game Crashes on dual core system

    I am also running dual core (X2 4400 stock) and have no issues.