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    just played in one then... lol from 220ping ive gone to 200ping!! WOO... lol im in AUS. WILL SOME DAMN AUSSIE ISP HOST ONE!!!
  2. unwritt3n

    Voice commands

    yeah i really agree with this too.. Everyone notice everyone in a coop server responds to the TL commands with the chat "DONE" Would be awesome if in coop we could have voice commands like: "Im here" "Requesting Orders!" "Need help!" "Tango Spotted!" "Hold Fire" "Open Fire" etc etc Just something as easy as CS's quick chat thingy
  3. unwritt3n

    Names vs Reticule

  4. In mission 1, when u land from the halo insertion and u go through that little tutorial kinda thing. You will hear Lewie say this when he's talking about reloading your weapon (not exact words): "Nothing worse then pulling the trigger and hearing click!" So i decided to turn of auto-reload, and hear this clicking sound he was talking about.. and guess wat.. there is none. LOL! Everyone give it a shot, just to confirm its just not my system, but when i got an empty mag and i click the fire button, i dont hear any clicking sound... just silence. specs: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 256MB 7800GTX Extreme 2GB Corsair RAM 240GB SATA in RAID 0 SB Audigy 2 ZS Running sound in 5.1 through Logitech 550W RMS Z5300e 5.1 Speakers. Latest SB drivers.
  5. unwritt3n

    Lewie the Liar

    i honestly think the clicking sound is definatly needed, not from a realism pov, but from a gameplay pov. Just like how Dai-San and Desmond have said! This is all because of damn Lewie!!! lol
  6. unwritt3n

    Lewie the Liar

    well i play with auto reload off, becasue i hate in the middle of a firefight when it automatically reloads, and u wanna try adn get away but u cant. With the "click" sound, in a firefight im lookin at my target, not the hud, so i will hear the click and know to get my sorry ###### under cover while i reload.
  7. unwritt3n

    RAM made the difference!

    well after launching GRAW, and checking my RAM usage.. im using 1.4GB of RAM in GRAW (I have 2GB, 2x1GB). Thats with everything on medium @ 1280x1024 and everything turned on. Post Effects on high. av FPS around 45-50
  8. unwritt3n

    Lewie the Liar

    Thanks Des.. No problem at all, thanks for clearing it up tho. I really thought it was just some mis-configuration on my 5.1 setup. You do too much GRIN As soon as you hit the dirt from the halo insertion, you here him say "Mornin Mitchel, it's Lewie" or something like that... ...yes, ive done the halo insertion about 5000000000 times now i think, going for 5000000001 now.
  9. First off... I have never look down a scope of a rifle, nor have i even handled one in RL. So wat i am about to talk about could just be stupid. Here is wat i think it should look like it GRAW: I dont use photoshop at all so be nice As u can see i blurred the background coz i believe if u are lookin down a scope, wouldnt all ur focus be on that, and everything around u be blurred. Just like if u put ur thumb out, and aimed at it, everything around it is blurred. Also i didnt know how to add it in with photoshop, but shouldnt inside the scope be zoomed in. Like its the same zoom level as outside the scope in the screenie.. get wat i mean?? NOTE: All the HUD and map and stuff shouldnt be blurred, just got carried away in Photoshop ORIGINAL: What do you guys think? EDIT: FIXED SCREENIE LINKS
  10. unwritt3n

    My opinion on scopes

    ahhh ok i understand now... im gettin confused with the laser-beam things you see mounted on like MP5s. Especially on SWAT teams at night and stuff. Thanks again for clearing everything up guys... learn something new everyday
  11. unwritt3n

    My opinion on scopes

    Another thing which I think is missing in GRAW when you are not in "scoped" mode, should the red dot still appear at your reticule? Seeing as Scott Mitchel is still aiming his gun infront... I would much rather see a red dot as a reticule then the classic GR reticule. Also the run animation in GRAW makes him bring his gun down to his waist, and sway his gun left to right... then shouldn't the red-dot be visible on the ground and walls to the direction the gun is facing while he is running? Get what i mean? This would be understandable if you saw him actually switch the red-dot on/off while entering and exiting "scoped" mode. Sorry for the bad explanation..
  12. unwritt3n

    "June Patch" discussion thread

    isnt it just speculation that this addon is coming out this friday?
  13. unwritt3n

    My opinion on scopes

    Ok, Thanks for clearing that up. I had no clue about any of that.
  14. unwritt3n

    My opinion on scopes

    oh ok.. but still u would be focusing on that, and everything outside the aimpoint (not lookin at) would blur?
  15. i loved the wat Day Of Defeat: Source did their spawn points. They were not accessible by the opposing force, it was usually behind a hill where the team spawning could get over, but if you were on the other side, you could not see over the hill, and you could not climb up it.
  16. unwritt3n

    "June Patch" discussion thread

    im thinkin large.. prob 200-330 like you say.. just coz of the new maps and stuff. But then again, if the maps just use the same objects and buildings etc.. then mite not be that big.
  17. teamxbox.com suggest having some spare Microsoft Points for this DLC. How much (in points) do you guys think it will cost. I just purchased the 12 Month Xbox LIVE subscription that came with 200 Microsoft Points.. enough?
  18. yeah i can confirm this too
  19. I notcied this a while ago.. thought ill finally post with some screenshots. You guys probably have already notcied, and i havent seen anyone post it on here yet, so here it is. In Mission 1 when you do the halo insert, you can see two mission areas. Mayday! Mayday! and Stronghold. All the missions might all be viewable, i just can spot these two. (Correct me if I'm wrong with this ) enjoy Mayday! Mayday! Stronghold
  20. unwritt3n

    funny video

    ITS ALIVE!!!!!!! ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. unwritt3n

    Mission Areas in Halo drop

    Really cool, time to play some "Find-the-mission-area-in-halo-drop-sequence"
  22. Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River
  23. I know it's probably too early to be talking about this.. But will (if any) the expansion still be in Mexico City? If not where?? Where would the GR.NET community like to see the Ghosts visit next?
  24. unwritt3n

    GRAW Expansion

    Thanks Colin