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    Best weapon for deathmatch?

    M9-SD = Deadly!
  2. unwritt3n

    Animated Prop

    that looks fken sweet!!! I been looking at all the stuff u doing digi, i cant wait to see some of your maps/mods!!! your doing great work there man!! keep it up!
  3. As spoken about it in the modding section. When creating custom maps that are large and open, the draw distance in GRAW is limiting what we can do. Like trees in the distance will have no stump, just a floating bush, untill u get about 400m away then the stump renders. This is the same with some props, grass, and static objects. tbh the draw distance is tooo short and wish it could be increased. Even maybe an options in the graphics options, with a slider for how big of a draw distance we want, so we can experiment and not loose to much FPS. btw, its not just our custom maps, even in SP and normal MP maps... when your running you can see things render and pop up when they are only like 400m away. Shadows are even less, about 100m. Great Game!! I suppose only if the community really wants this Grin can think about it... i leave it up to all of you
  4. unwritt3n

    A Request for the next patch

    Fog would be ok, but depending on how close it is to the player... EDIT: when i mention props and shadows rendering at such close distances... shadows are more like 50m. And i hate the way grass is rendered... you cannot see grass that is like 10m away, that has a very bad draw distance.
  5. Hey guys, Been playing around with the Editor trying to create maps like [GR]. This is my first release version of my first map called "Outside". This is still in its beta stage as after i rendered the light maps my fence around the whole map is showing black and white textures, and there are also some Physics objects that need moving. I wanna release it like this as a beta, so i can get the gr.net community to help beta test my map. Hope you guys like it, and hopefully some servers are able to host this map. Here is a birdseye view of the map: Current issues in my first beta test: -Fence around whole map texture is stuffed -Destroyed Abrams tank can jitter due to wrong placement -some walls are floating in mid air (shanty_wall_hi = Walls placed throughout the map for cover) -Missing some background tiles at some sections -DOM map in upper right doesnt show the whole map (I got no idea how to fix it!?) More but cant remember off top of my head. So people that download this, could you perhaps just give it a run through, and just let me know in this post if u find anything. If i get some responses and stuff ill fix it all, and release it in also Deathmatch and Domination, and even a Night version for each. Thanks alot guys. Heres a temp download mirror, Like usual, place it in ur "X:\Ghost Recon - Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels" folder, and the map is under Domination as i have used domination to create a TDM. There are only 2 zones, 1 for each team: DOWNLOAD REMOVED AS MY BETA V0.2 IS NEARLY COMPLETED!
  6. Awesome.. downloading now!
  7. unwritt3n

    POW Camp

    downlaoding now.. dude i got this error when loading the map: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.16 Attempt to grow archive custom_levels\powcampremake.bundle beyond limits SCRIPT STACK data\lib\utils\dev\editor\worldholder.dsf(0) data\levels\custom_levels\pow camp remake\pow camp remake.dsf(0)
  8. unwritt3n

    ByeBye Gr1 maps, Hello GRAW maps!

    If i could swear.. i would fill about 6 lines of swear words praising you man!! excellent work dude!! keep it up man, you hold the key to GRAWs future!
  9. unwritt3n

    NEW TDM map tower

    nice... can we get a screenie in the mean time??
  10. unwritt3n

    TDM Map "Outside" Final Beta v0.2 Release

    I think it bears mentioning that When using these maps you need to have unlimited respawn or when a team is killed off you will run down the timer waiting for map change you can not use max deaths setting with the tdm maps. For this reason our BDA server is now only running domination maps until this bug is fixed or until Grin blesses us with the game mode that works That's bizarre. They must have changed that in the latest patch because up until that point limited spawn games worked just fine with this method of TDM maps. i loaded the outseid map on AOD TDM server well done can you fix the spawns B is out side the radar top hand right. should move it to the bottom middel . i can See A but like i said B is off the map thxs hope to see more tdm maps Its not the spawns that are stuffed.. its just the tac map stuffing up. I dunno how to capture the map properly. Its all way out. You need to find the zones.xml file that goes with your map and edit the borders line in it. tl=top left, br=bottom right. Change the numbers and check in the editor to see if the white outline surrounds the entirety of your map's playable area when in the multiplayer section. AWESOME!!! Thanks heaps TedSmith been wondering how to do this for ages!!! ill see how it works.
  11. Hey guys, Some of you already know and have my beta v0.1 of my first map. For you guys that dont know, ive tried to create a map that can best be like [GR] as i could with the little knowledge of the editor i have. It is setup as domination, but with only the 2 bases Alpha and Bravo, so it makes it TDM. The map is large!!! Best with max players i reckon!! I invite all server host to download this map and add it to their rotation list. Remember this is still in beta stage so there are prob some bugs and graphical glicthes that ive missed. Most things have been fixed since v0.1, but i have already found the following in this beta: -I got no idea how to make my map display properly in the tac map!!!! -Some of the fence line is not touching ground, making it possible to get under it and run around the outside of the map, and possibly falling off the map. -Some shanty walls are still in mid air, i swear i fixed them again, but they are still in mid air. I will fix these in the next build which will be the final one, but i ask everyone to download and install and beta test away!!!! But have fun while doing so! Hope you guys like it! MY FINAL BUILD WILL BE RELEASED BY FRIDAY 30TH, SO I HAVE REMOVED MY DOWNLOAD MIRROR. WILL POST IN HERE WHEN I HAVE UPLOADED IT. Here are some screenies: MAP OVERVIEW V0.1 MEX SPAWN v0.1 GHOST SPAWN v0.2 MID v0.2 MEX SPAWN OVER THIS HILL v0.2 MEX SPAWN BELOW (FROM GUARD TOWER) v0.2 OPEN AREA NEAR MEX SPAWN v0.2
  12. unwritt3n

    TDM Map "Outside" Final Beta v0.2 Release

    Most of the download links have been removed as my new version is coming hopefully today or tmoz. Releasing both a day and night version if it all works out... cant promise anything.. but definatly an updated (hopefully bugfree) day version!
  13. unwritt3n

    TDM Map "Outside" Final Beta v0.2 Release

    Just played in a server hosting my map.. got some good feedback.. there are still a few bugs... but hopefully they are all fixed in my next release due before end of the week. Also im gonna try and get my night version one out too. Thanks for the hosting!!!
  14. unwritt3n

    TDM Map "Outside" Final Beta v0.2 Release

    i loaded the outseid map on AOD TDM server well done can you fix the spawns B is out side the radar top hand right. should move it to the bottom middel . i can See A but like i said B is off the map thxs hope to see more tdm maps Its not the spawns that are stuffed.. its just the tac map stuffing up. I dunno how to capture the map properly. Its all way out.
  15. unwritt3n

    TDM Map "Outside" Final Beta v0.2 Release

    just played some 2v2 on my map on a lan. Worked great and well. Hopefully the same with online!! Hope u guys are liking it
  16. unwritt3n

    Who wants to Play

    Hey! Cool that sounds good... Kakanater ive released a beta v0.2 if u havent gotten it already. Check my new post: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=36640 Has everything about my "Outside Map"
  17. unwritt3n

    TDM Map "Outside" Final Beta v0.2 Release

    thanks guys... hope you enjoy it! If i get a change tmoz i might make a night version of it... just hate the damn light map rendering. Give me some feedback if u can please
  18. unwritt3n

    New TDM Map (My First Map)

    yeah go for it man MAP UPDATE: BETA v0.2 may be released in a few hours... just rendering it now
  19. unwritt3n

    New TDM Map (My First Map)

    THINGS IM FIXING/ADDING IN Beta v0.2: Fixes: -Fix fence around whole map or change to different wall type -Fix/Remove destroyed Abrams tanks -Fix some walls that are floating in mid air -Fix the tac map in upper right if i figure it out Add: -Lots more foliage on the ground in the dense forest part. Want it to be very slow and tactical in the mid. -More shanty walls throughout the map for cover -More objects for cover, maybe more wrecked cars, trailers (But see what you guys think) I will add to this list as i run through it more, and when u guys tell me things
  20. unwritt3n


    looks good mate!! downloading now
  21. unwritt3n

    Spawn points

    how does it know if it is a Ghost spawn or a Mex spawn?? does it jsut depend on if u place the spawn points in the according base for the ghost or mex?
  22. unwritt3n

    New TDM Map (My First Map)

    Ok guys, im gonna be hosting a server for this map. Its not a strong server, but just so you guys can join and can beta test together. This map would be awesome with full 32 players, but i will be only hosting 6 slots as the connection im on sucks. server will be called "PUBLIC "OUTSIDE" BETA TEST SERVER" and will be under the domination gametype. thanks EDIT: HAVING SOME TROUBLE WITH HOSTING ON MY SERVER... DONT THINK MY SERVER IS POWERFUL ENOUGH... I WILL HOST ON MY GAMING RIG SOON AS ITS MUCH STRONGER.
  23. unwritt3n

    New TDM Map (My First Map)

    New bug: -Mex spawn points can cause a crash sometimes... dunno why, think they may be too close, will fix next release. More ingame screenies in about 10min Thanks CkZWarlord In game Images: GHOST SPAWN OUTSIDE GHOST SPAWN GUARD TOWER AT GHOST SPAWN EMPTY BLACKHAWK COVER AT FAR EAST FROM GHOST SPAWN MEX SPAWN CENTRE OF MAP JUST OUT OF MEX SPAWN TO THE WEST
  24. unwritt3n

    Map Editor

    hey guys, just playing around with the editor. How do ya change the elevation on the ground?? Has anyone written a full in depth tutorial yet?? ive got many good maps to make in mind... thanks
  25. unwritt3n

    Map Editor

    yeah.. but there is only like 100 words in that. Doesnt explain much at all