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  1. unwritt3n

    MP Demo Feedback + Discussion

    Well I am on XP with HT Omega Claro sound card. Yes software does fix it, but that kinda defeats the purpose of even having a sound card :S
  2. unwritt3n

    MP Demo Feedback + Discussion

    Excellent game GRIN! I love it! I was in the beta, and noticed the map has different lighting effect compared to the beta. The beta was set more in the day. This seems like dawn or something. Is this an example of the new lighting effects, can we adjust what time of day to play the map like on 360? Few issues but not bad: - The compus/IFF at the botttom seems to be very unclear. I can't see where North, South, West... etc is. Its like it is all jaggy. - I am gettin the sound bug sometimes where I can't hear my own gun or ppl around me. I have a HT Omega Claro sound card with latest drivers And 1 question. Can the red circle that appears when ur bullet hits ur target be removed. Personllay I don't think we should have it, as this is a tactical/realism shooter and we should not know if we hit our target, we should confirm the kill ourselves. That brings to me to another point. I don't think the "X killed X" dialog should be there, again, we should confirm ourselves that we killed them. This just adds more immersion personally. All in all... Its a great improvement from GRAW1 and it's definatly a buy for me. I hope the full game gets great dedicated server support, and I am sure GRIN we'll help the community out with patches. GG GRIN!
  3. unwritt3n

    GRAW2 MP Demo due June 7th

    When the hell does this demo get released? Its bloody 8pm 7th June here. Can someone please tell me how much longer is left?
  4. unwritt3n

    GRAW2 MP Demo due June 7th

    I'm on 72%... 20minutes to go
  5. unwritt3n

    GR:AW 3 - what, when, where?

    I don't think there will be another GRAW. 1 was enough, let alone 2. The franchise will now probably come back later on with a different idea behind it. I hope it goes back to its original classic. I want multiple squads to control I dont wanna be restricted to controlling 1 "Hero" I dont want any disco equipment
  6. Can someone please explain to me why publishers go out and say a demo is on the horizon, but don't actually say the date. I don't get it? Why not just say it's coming out on X date? At least then we can know when to download it. Not everyone has the time to check to see if the demo is out nearly everyday, I'd just wish they would tell us exactly when its coming out... What's the big deal about making it a secret
  7. I hope they use "Crash Site" from GRAW2 Xbox 360. One of the best maps ever!
  8. unwritt3n

    GRAW2 MP Demo due June 7th

    if it doesn't come out this week... they announced it wayyyy to early. or lol they even gonna delay their demos..
  9. unwritt3n

    GRAW2 MP Demo due June 7th

    Do you reckon the demo would be out this week?
  10. unwritt3n

    Army drops Land Warrior program

    That's a little disappointing... The last 2-3 years, there as been so much on this stuff on TV/articles. Hyping it up like some kind of movie... Now it's cancelled.
  11. unwritt3n

    "Open" GRAW 2 Beta (2nd wave) thread

    I just got my beta key. Downloading the beta now.
  12. Hey guys. To Rocky.. I noticed on the main page there is a news article about a "public beta" coming on Wednesday the 18th of April. Where did you hear about that? Offical word? If so, thats great! Will be the first to download
  13. unwritt3n

    a PC demo on 18th April ?

    All i know is.. No demo, me no pay for game
  14. Before I get flammed at, I am not in the beta. I just found these screenshots, so don't think I am in the beta and I have taken screen shots and have broken the NDA. Because I am NOT in the beta, I repeat, NOT in the beta. If I am breaking any rules linking these, then admin go ahead and delete them. EDIT: I decided to delete these before I got the admins permission to post these. I don't wanna get in any ****. Can I link these screenshots here admin? Or link just the website in which they are on? And again, I am NOT in the beta.
  15. unwritt3n

    I found 11 new screenshots!

    I can definatly tell they are from the beta, because there are screenshots of the main menu and stuff and it says "beta" and it is like version 0.8 or something. I guess I can't post them, I thought I could seeing as I didn't take them and I am just linking screenshots that someone has already taken.
  16. unwritt3n

    New PC Specific Info

    New screenies look good, kinda given me second thoughts about this game. I most likely won't get into the beta, but hopefully a demo is released later becasuse i still won't be able to buy this if i haven't tried it before hand. And from my experience from GRAW1, I have high hopes. I think that weapon in screen2 is just the Rx4 Storm rifle.
  17. Ok the 360 version is out, and has been out for quite some time now. When, oh when are we going to see some video footage of GRAW2 PC? I mean seriously, they delay it and all and expect us to just wait for it with nothin... ummm Ubi do you even want to sell some copies? Give us at least a good handful of screenshots if you can't be bothered creating even a <1min video of gameplay footage. Worse PR ever. ....Awaiting video footage
  18. Grin, please support this!
  19. unwritt3n

    Anyone else losing interest?

    I've lost all interest in the GR series now. GRAW was good.. but after a few months i stopped playing it... I got bored. Now with GRAW2.. I couldn't give a **** if it doesn't gets released! At least call it jsut Advanced Warfighter, with no Ghost Recon. Because it is nothing like the first one. Currently I still play [GR] and love it and always will. Til this day there has not been a true sequel or anything close to it. I've cancelled my GRAW2 preorder, and probably won't get it. Unless a demo is released and I like it. Now I'll just wait for Blackfoot Studios upcoming game, as from what I hear they know what they're doing, and it all looks/sounds promising. Don't get me wrong.. GRIN are great and I like GRAW... but it just didnt have the same effect as [GR] did.. heck, something must have been done well by RSE.. seeing as I'm still playing a 7 year old game..
  20. I did a search and did not find any posts about this. Sorry if there is one. What kind of weapons are we going to be able to use in GRAW 2? I know the 360 version is now using the new RX range, I'm pretty sure they are RX's in the PC screenies. I have also seen the XM8 too in screenies. Is the Scar family still there? Is there another sniper rifle other then the M99 or what ever it was. Would love to see the SR AS50, the .50 counter-snipe rifle Pistols? Attachments? Different scopes on the same weapon? eg, can Scar-L have either Aimpoint, reflex, ACOG? etc. Other submachine guns? other then the MP5 and XM8 compact?
  21. unwritt3n

    graw 2 ign uk review is up...

    Covering systems suck anyways. I like GRAW's system better.
  22. unwritt3n

    graw2 pc release date

    LOL it's so gettin delayed!!! I knew it wouldn't get released on the date that was first stated. UBI YOU SUCK! Why do they always say dates they can never make? If I was them, I would have said GRAW2 release date was just "2007". And giving a specific date when I definatly knew it would be ready. It's like that company is run by unorganised children. TBH, I really can't be bothered with GRAW2 anymore... $90AU is alot of money to me.. I could so use it on something better.. maybe even put it towards preordering Blackfoot Studios' up coming game.
  23. unwritt3n

    GRAW2 @ JB Hi-Fi, Australia

    LOL. Don't you worry mate, I'll be buggin' them all day tomorrow!