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  1. MISSION 12 - Ivory Horn OBJECTIVES 1. Plant demo in sub pen 51 2. Plant demo in sub pen 52 3. Get to extraction zone 4. Plant demo in fuel depo OVERVIEW That was intense. Alpha squad completely wounded, but no KIA's. My only demo N. Tunney received a couple of hits, so did S. Grey. I'm going to have to leave N. Tunney in for mission 13, as I need demo charges. The MP5 is one of my all time favourite SMGs. Except in this game. You'll see just as S. Grey is hit, I return fire, the shots land on the tango, but he doesn't drop! My heart was beating fast! I was also impressed with A. Galinsky. Mostly controlled by AI, she took out quite a few tangos from her sniping position. I decided to end the mission by clearing all enemies. I knew once I planted the last charge, another group of enemy soldiers would charge and I couldn't afford the pressure. One of my favourite missions in the OGR campaign! AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Susan Grey – RIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST] [WOUNDED] Nigel Tunney - DEMO [SPECIALIST] [WOUNDED] -Bravo squad- Astra Galinsky - SNIPER [SPECIALIST] Linda Cohen - RIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST]
  2. Mix between airfield (night) and docks (night)
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    Ghost Recon SPEEDRUN 54m30s [WR]

    Yeah quick saves would definitely make it heaps easier.
  4. True and good point!. Mission 11 video is now up!
  5. MISSION 11 - Dream Knife OBJECTIVES 1. Secure an entrance 2. Rescue NATO PoWs 3. Go to extraction zone 4. Rescue Moroshkin OVERVIEW All mission objectives completed. Nice to have a slower paced mission after the last few. Great fun mission. Made some good use of A. Galinsky as a sniper. The SVD is devastating! I've unlocked another specialist sniper, hoping for a specialist demo, but I can't remember if there are any left!? AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Susan Grey – RIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST] Nigel Tunney - DEMO [SPECIALIST] -Bravo squad- Astra Galinsky - SNIPER [SPECIALIST] Linda Cohen - RIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST]
  6. Haha you guys. My next target is doing either the Desert Siege campaign, Island Thunder campaign or the Hero's Unleashed version of the original campaign. Or all three!
  7. By the way, Mission 10 video is up!
  8. I got GRW on Xbox, as I like to plonk myself on the couch, turn up the home theatre and play that way. But I'm trying to get a second hand key from all the people that bought Nvidia 1070/80 cards for PC also Don't you worry, I will. I played an hour of Wildlands but I think I'd rather play OGR!
  9. I just picked up Wildlands, so I'll probably be balancing this with that now... Although, Wildlands has finished installing but I want to continue on with this!
  10. MISSION 10 - Fever Claw OBJECTIVES 1. Secure University Square 2. Secure Presidential Palace 3. Secure Catherdral Square 4. No friendly tank casualties OVERVIEW Woooo hoooo! is all I can say. Mission success with no squad or tank casualties and 1 AT soldier! Unlocked a new specialist. I tried to conserve all my AT rockets, first shot was a miss too hahaha. I learnt that it's more about the enemy AT soldiers, rather than the tanks destroying the friendly tanks. I'd like to think this has put me in a good position, with an extra specialist avaliable. N. Tunney is racking up some medals! AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Nigel Tunney - DEMO [SPECIALIST] Susan Grey – RIIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST] -Bravo squad- Guram Osadze - SUPPORT [SPECIALIST] Linda Cohen - RIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST]
  11. If only you saw how many attempts I've had at each of the missions Sorry guys, haven't had a chance to tackle the next mission. I've tried it twice now and keep losing the tanks. I'm relying on the AI friendly tanks to take out some of the enemy tanks, as I've only got 1 AT with 4 rounds. This mission may be a road block. But I'll give it a shot tomorrow.
  12. hahahaha thanks! Mission 09 vid is up!
  13. MISSION 09 - Blue Storm OBJECTIVES 1. Clear northern island 2. Clear eastern island 3. Clear western island 4. Capture Russian officer OVERVIEW Mission complete. But my confidence to finish this challenge is almost gone! Another 2 KIA's. My original sniper G. Bean and specialist W. Jacobs. Don't know why I used the grenade launcher near the end with W. Jacobs, should have picked off that group. After restarting this mission over and over you start to get a bit tired. I don't know how I'm going to complete the next one. Protecting the tank column with a single AT again. I'll keep going!!!! I really can't afford any KIA's now. And really need to unlock more specialist. AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Nigel Tunney - DEMO [SPECIALIST] Gilbert Bean – SNIPER [KIA] -Bravo squad- Will Jacobs - RIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST] [KIA] Guram Osadze - SUPPORT [SPECIALIST]
  14. So mission 09 is being difficult! I don't remember it being so hard. The foggy swamp mission. The enemy AI is literally annihilating me through the fog. They're shooting me before they're even visible. Already had quite a few go's. Was up to the last encampment and both squads got taken out by 1 AI soldier, who was deep in the fog. DAMN!
  15. Yeah it's a hard one if you wanna a) keep everyone alive, b) protect the tank, c) only have 1 AT, d) no quick saves/loads!!!! Mission 08 video uploaded!!!
  16. MISSION 08 - Zebra Straw OBJECTIVES 1. Secure the village 2. Destroy east artillery 3. Destroy north artillery 4. Protect friendly tank OVERVIEW 34 restarts. That's how many times I restarted the missoin before I settled on this outcome. Man this is hard, especially when you only have 1 DEMO avalible with an AT, and you're trying to keep everyone alive. In the end, unfortunatley 2x KIAs. J. Stone [SNIPER] and K. Henkel [DEMO]. Stupid... I shouldn't have put K. Henkle in. He was a new specialist DEMO unlock that I wanted to skill up. KIA on his first mission. This mission is frustrating at times as you just wish your AI would return fire. That's why I lost both. I also failed to protect the tank, so I haven't been able to unlock a new specialist. That's probably the hardest one... But not sure how I'm going to go with only 1 DEMO still.... Spirit is down... But I'm still 100% keen to finish this! AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Nigel Tunney - DEMO [SPECIALIST] Gilbert Bean – SNIPER -Bravo squad- Will Jacobs - RIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST] Jack Stone - SNIPER [SPECIALIST] [KIA] Klaus Henkel - DEMO [SPECIALIST] [KIA]
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    Ghost Recon - Arma 3

    If you need another beta tester, I'll be happy to help 🤣
  18. MISSION 07 – Paper Angel OBJECTIVES 1. Destroy east pylon 2. Destroy west pylon 3. Get to extraction zone 4. Eliminate camp garrison OVERVIEW Well, it's getting absolutely tense now! I was stressing on how I would even complete this, as I only have 1 DEMO avalible. And I needed him to bring charges for the pylons. I was lucky in that the mission was a success due to all OPFOR being eliminated. There were quite a few close calls, but sniping for afar goes a long way in this mission. Next one will be tough. I only have 1 DEMO capable of carrying an AT. And it's tanks, tanks, tanks. AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Nigel Tunney - DEMO [SPECIALIST] Gilbert Bean – SNIPER -Bravo squad- Will Jacobs - RIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST] Jack Stone - SNIPER [SPECIALIST]
  19. MISSION 06 – Witch Fire OBJECTIVES 1. Gather intel from SE house 2. Gather intel from NW house 3. Get to extraction zone 4. Destroy SAM site OVERVIEW Great mission success after the last one! Introduced 3x specialist into the platoon. No KIA's or injuries. I've probably played this too much, so I know where and when to expect enemies. (You'll see the truck spawn out of no where!). Still going to be difficult going forward, as at this stage I only have 1 demo. I can't remember if and when I'm able to unlock a new DEMO specialist. Going to definitely need them for the Battlefield and last mission! AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Nigel Tunney - DEMO [SPECIALIST] Gilbert Bean – SNIPER -Bravo squad- Will Jacobs - RIFLEMAN [SPECIALIST] Jack Stone - SNIPER [SPECIALIST]
  20. MISSION 05 – Gold Mountain OBJECTIVES 1. Secure the bank 2. Investigate crash site 3. Go to extraction zone 4. Avoid civilian casualties OVERVIEW I'm not going to lie. I restarted this mission over 20 times. Each time I was getting sloppier. It's pretty stressful using no quick saves/loads, getting so close to the end. Then making stupid/simple mistakes. 3 KIA's in this one. Which leaves me with only 1 original left. I could have restarted, but no matter how many attempts, I kept stuffing up right at the end. If I did this again. I wouldn't rush back to avoid the tank. I'd stay put, AT it, and defend the area. Going to most definitely utilise the specialist from here. Hopefully I can keep at least 1 original til the end! AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- John Cosner – RIFLEMAN [KIA] Gilbert Bean – SNIPER -Bravo squad- Dennis Martin – DEMO [KIA] Brian Duan – SNIPER [KIA]
  21. MISSION 04 – Black Needle OBJECTIVES 1. Secure the crossroads 2. Contact UN troops 3. Return to extraction zone 4. Keen UN soldiers alive OVERVIEW This is a simple mission, if you move fast. Managed to get to the UN soldiers before they were overrun. Took a nice sniping position at the top of the hill, and picked the Russians off through a bush. I had both Alpha and Bravo squad in a good position ready for the small fire-team that ambushed us. Mission was a success as all OPFOR was eliminated. AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- John Cosner – RIFLEMAN Gilbert Bean – SNIPER -Bravo squad- Dennis Martin – DEMO Brian Duan – SNIPER
  22. That's it for today. 1440p isn't coming up for me on my uploaded videos, but I think it can take time for YouTube to process it and make it available. Hopefully I can get the next mission sometime this week.
  23. MISSION 03 – Stone Bell OBJECTIVES 1. Destroy northeast patrol 2. Destroy southwest patrol 3. Prevent HQ breach 4. No NATO casualties OVERVIEW This (and the battlefield mission) are probably the most difficult. Unfortunatly, 1x KIA - Rifleman Chris Corum. Hard to avoid when the AI is pushing forward and spawning left, right and centre! Pretty happy with the final result. Mission completed in just 5 minutes. Also unlocked a DEMO specialist, which will be helpful seeing as I lost one in the first mission. This is getting tough. Hopefully no more casualties! AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Dennis Martin – DEMO John Cosner – RIFLEMAN Gilbert Bean – SNIPER [RECOVERED] -Bravo squad- Chris Corum – RIFLEMAN [KIA] Brian Duan – SNIPER
  24. MISSION 02 – EAGER SMOKE OBJECTIVES 1. Rescue Pilot 2. Rescue W. Officer 3. Get to extraction zone 4. Destroy avionics OVERVIEW I let G. Bean sit out this mission to recover. Overall, mission was a success. Been a long time since I've played this. The AI planted the demo charge, but it doesn't register as completing the 'Destroy avionics' objective. I've missed out on unlocking a speaclist here. AFTER-ACTION -Alpha squad- Dennis Martin – DEMO Gilbert Bean – SNIPER [RESTING] John Cosner – RIFLEMAN -Bravo squad- Brian Duan – SNIPER Chris Corum – RIFLEMAN