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  1. unwritt3n

    Demo Alert!

    that link u put on deosl, i registered on their forum, and they have a pic of them downloading it, but they marked out the download location. But i did see that the demo is 531MB and it is zipped.
  2. unwritt3n

    Demo Alert!

    hope his install dies!!
  3. unwritt3n

    Demo Alert!

    http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc...13/m/6751079634 Deosl on ubi forums:
  4. unwritt3n

    Whats your GRAW MP name gonna be?

    mine will be "Bo Anderson"
  5. unwritt3n

    Demo for This Week

    already Tuesday 25th, 4:50PM here in AUS... i want this demo.. if it hsnt been confirmed yet.. i reckon we aint gonna see it.. unless they confirm one day, and bring it out the next... but that doest seem right.. you'd think if the demo was coming out this week, it would have been confirmed at least a week ago..
  6. unwritt3n

    Demo for This Week

    most of the latests demos have been at the 600MB-1GB mark. i expect GRAW to be aruond there too. atm its Monday 12:30PM (+10:00 GMT) here, wat timezone is the graw demo release based around?? UK or the States?
  7. unwritt3n

    Demo for This Week

    off to bed now... hopefully i wake tmoz with GRAW demo avaliable for download
  8. unwritt3n

    Demo for This Week

    when are we to expect an exact date?
  9. unwritt3n

    Demo for This Week

    *changes underwear*
  10. unwritt3n

    Thank you to GRIN

    ncie words their man.. so true. i dont want Bo and the GRIN to think the community is so negative.. i never said anything to flame GRAW or GRIN... hate people that love to just point out the negatives in things. look at the time and effort Bo and GRIN put into the community, thats something that never happens!!!
  11. unwritt3n

    Will GRAW Run On My Machine

    yeh from personal expierences and my own benchmarking, i reckon going the higher reso with no AA works better... maybe not looks as good (very very minor) but runs at a higher frame rate (very minimal)
  12. unwritt3n

    Will GRAW Run On My Machine

    i have a 7800GTX, and i was thinking the same thing... but then again, when i used to play css ands stuff, i could have HDR and 8x AA with my old 6800GT... doesnt matter anyway... can just have HDR with no AA, but at like 1280x1024 reso... coz if u have AA enabled, u only need to have a reso of 1024x768... well thats wat i reckon... too me both options look the same with most games ie: BF2 max settings with either: 4x AA @ 1024x768 or no AA @ 1280x1024 look the same.
  13. unwritt3n

    x850xt and GRAW

    you should be right... dunno about fully maxxed, but pretty close to it, i think this game will benefit with sli.
  14. unwritt3n

    x850xt and GRAW

    if u have 4x AA why put up the reso.. thats wat i dont understand.. and if u go to resolutions above 1280x1024 AA isnt really needed.. I always run my games with 1024x768, but have AA at 4x
  15. unwritt3n

    cool idea

  16. unwritt3n

    x850xt and GRAW

    x800 series are 2 models back... x800 then the x1800 series now the x1900 series plus the x800 series are only shader model 2.0... so i would think just medium @ prob MAX 1280x1024, and probs no AA.
  17. unwritt3n

    GR:AW PC Goes GOLD!

    oh ok.. thanks colin well GRIN *gets down on one knee* will u marry me?
  18. unwritt3n

    GR:AW PC Goes GOLD!

    has this "gone Gold" been actually clarified tho?? or is it just from that site?
  19. unwritt3n

    PreOrder Status?

    i have mine preordered at EB here in AUSTRALIA... just called them to get a release date, and they said 4th May
  20. unwritt3n

    GRIN Appreciation Society

    i hope ubisoft keeps GRIN as their DEV team... After graw is released, and u have ur break, hope u guys starting working on Ghost Recon 4 Prepare for a GOtY award GRIN, u guys are gona be millionaires!! punani to the max
  21. unwritt3n

    New Ageia GR:AW footage

    i see it as a way to increase performance in GRAW... if all physics are dedicated to the agiea chip.. and i can get a 20fps+ framerate.. then way not.. if its just for explosions and stuff... $300 just to see a bigger explosion? So are all physics dedicated to the ageia chip?? ie AI, expplsions, objects etc.. or is it only a few things?
  22. unwritt3n

    GR.net GRAW PC Preview

    what about me BO? amd athlon 64 3200+ 1GB (2x 512mb) CorsairX RAM 256mb 7800GTX Audigy 2 ZS High or medium?
  23. all remember ur power supply is the most important internal device... no point having nice components all running off a ######ty powersupply. 400W-450W is prob wat u wanna aim for, with min 25A on the 12V rail... look at the Antec NeoHE/PurePower 2.0's, PC Power and Cooling etc.. 400W+ models cost around $180 AUS.
  24. unwritt3n

    elimination notification

    honestly i think there should be no death notifications.. this is a simulator yeh?? But then again.. wat cant the crosscom do??? lol but i doubt it... wonder if the crosscom reminds them to eat? the reality mod for BF2 has no notifications and its way better...
  25. unwritt3n

    GR:AW Collector's Edition?

    ohh wat.. i preordered graw pc in jan... mite check out wat this collectors is u talking about....