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  1. unwritt3n

    Any Aussies got theirs yet?

    yeap just called EB again to confirm its release... they saying not coming here til May 11, but its not 100% correct???!?!?! could be later?? this is utter BS!
  2. i have got an old 17" CRT monitor lying around... imgaine if on a 2nd monitor we could have the tactical map always displayed on it.. we just push "tab" to make the mouse active in the window, then tab again to get back into actiion... i reckon this could be a great feauture. Even have teammates crosscom video feed through a secondary monitor.. while u can still be playing on ur one!! i think this would be awesome.. if possible to add in a later patch. what do u guys think?? And GRIN.. if u read this thread.. what do u think???
  3. unwritt3n

    EB Games

    same here in AUS!!! they said the 3rd, called and they said no the 4th!!!
  4. unwritt3n


    give it a few days to be all up and running i rekcon...
  5. unwritt3n

    Spare monitor? An idea.. prob stupid.

    ive had 2 monitors for some time now.. i just recently tried bf2, spread it across the 2 monitors... and there was only small frame rate loss... im talkin 5-6fps max.
  6. unwritt3n

    Spare monitor? An idea.. prob stupid.

    i wanna bump this.. get more ppls opnions on it... if its worth bringin to GRINs attention
  7. unwritt3n

    TOP TEN Things to ADD

    NOTHING!!!!! besides everything thats promised in the patch for june.. maybe just a couple more weapons
  8. unwritt3n

    Not hearing your own gun?

    oh really... hmm hopefully EB call me today to come pick mine up ive had on preorder since Oct 2005.
  9. unwritt3n

    ghostrecon.net website graphic

    so when is it going to be added?
  10. unwritt3n

    Not hearing your own gun?

    for now desomnd and GRIN boys.. enjoy ur holiday!!!
  11. unwritt3n

    Spare monitor? An idea.. prob stupid.

    glad u like!!! i remember mentioning it over on the ubi forums back in october.. until i realized GRIN is over in these ones!!!! i just think it would give u more of a commanding feel!! Wonder wat could happen??
  12. unwritt3n

    Not hearing your own gun?

    ok thankyou very much desmond... hope u guys are enjoying urselves... my neighbours asked wat movie i was watchin yesterday, and i told them i was playing graw. lol ur sound work is gonna make the cops storm my house
  13. unwritt3n

    Not hearing your own gun?

    ok i now know wat this sound bug is!!! its when u are in full auto mode (any gun i think) and u do short burst during a massive fire fight... the gun sound sometimes does not work. i did a little trial an error. If u are in full auto and jsut hold the trigger down, the gun shot wont drop out. If u in full auto but u do short burst, then some rounds will be muted. The best area to see this is in the demo when u first get off the blackhwk.. the road block that is just near, let them see u so they start shooting... and fire back at them in full auto in quick burst.. and u will hear some of ur gun shots are muted. Hopefully u look at this thread again desmond... and u understand wat im trying to explain here... its nothin major.. but jsut very noticable when u in a large firefight and ur rifle makes no sound absolutly love ur sound work tho... was the movie "HEAT" by any chance part of ur sound research
  14. unwritt3n

    Not hearing your own gun?

    yh i have a audigy 2 zs with logitch z5300e 5.1 500W rms speakers. all latest drivers installed. and in the demo... when i get to the main road near the start, where the roadblock is... when enemeris are firing at me, and im firing back... every now and then some of my shots are muted. audigy 2 zs can do 64 voices if im correct.. edit: and yes 5.1 is set up in my control panel
  15. unwritt3n

    GRAW made with nvidia support?

    ok specs in sig and GRAW settings are: 1152 x 864 texture medium effects high dynamic lights dynamic lightin low post effects medium FPS around min25- max50 reckon thats ok??? doesnt seem right tho catch
  16. I thought this whole time GRAW was built using nivida as its made graphical support... but instead it is ATI.. i never read this anywhere... i swear it was always mentioned that GRAW was gonna run better on nvidia cards. (correct me if im wrong) Also, colin when u and zeroalpha got the preview of GRAW, you said that they were using a 6800GS if im not mistaken.. How did the GRAW you saw run?? Did it look good??? Do you think they had AA enabled?? was it running at a decent framerate, and look good??? just came to me as i have a 256MB 7800GTX, and it runs kinda sluggish on med. thanks
  17. unwritt3n

    AA? in full version?

    yeah i hope a patch is released so u can turn off HDR and jsut have bloom or something so AA can be enable for us nvidia users. I spent lots on my 7800GX, hope they can add these options
  18. unwritt3n

    GRAW made with nvidia support?

    ok... gonna download 84.43 betas btw, is ur 7800GTX 512MB version, or 256MB like mine. and u say its overclocked, was ur core/mem at? thanks mate
  19. unwritt3n

    GRAW made with nvidia support?

    yh i just saw it then.. soz yeah i have 84.21.. i just found 84.25 on planetamd64.com, so ill check them out
  20. unwritt3n

    GRAW made with nvidia support?

    ###### really?? i had it on all high, texture on medium @ 1024x768 and was get average 30-40fps. can u plz list ur full specs
  21. unwritt3n

    Demo/ Feed back and update.

    shutup with the negative stuff!!! this game fken rocks!!!!!! play @ 1024x768, everything on high except texture on medium!!! runs awesome!! i love it.... 1 thing though, wasnt this game built with nvidia support, why the ati splash screen?
  22. unwritt3n

    Demo Alert!

    just mae sure u have a 3d gamers account and sign in before clicking on the links unwritt3n God Of GRAW DEMO Download Links
  23. unwritt3n

    Demo Alert!

    A BIG THANKYOU TO ME FOR POSTING THEM all remember "unwritt3n" when u see me on the battlefield... "hey, thats the guy that posted the demo download links"
  24. unwritt3n

    Demo Alert!

    OMFG I AM DOWNLOADING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO FINALLY!!! YAY!!!! *tear* off one of those links. bbl
  25. unwritt3n

    Demo Alert!

    FOUND THESE!!! dunno if they are legit tho? wat u ppl think? http://www.peerfactor.fr:8080/getdownload.jsp?ID=23 http://3dgxfer1p.3dgamers.com/3dgamers/gam...RAW_PC_demo.zip http://3dgxfer2p.3dgamers.com/3dgamers/gam...RAW_PC_demo.zip ftp://3dgr35g:mr23g239a@3dgamers.mirror.i...RAW_PC_demo.zip