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  1. unwritt3n

    Gamespy Down - 18 May 06

    manson im from aus too... yeah i play in the 200+ ping servers.. not too bad... just when u kill someone there is like a half second delay b4 they actually fall... other then that.. its ok
  2. those screenies look so good.. ive been followin this game for a while now.. 1 question tho... do u need original OPF so it updates it... or is this a completely standalone new game?
  3. unwritt3n

    Music Bug with Drone

    that was quick!!!! Thanks Des
  4. unwritt3n

    Gamespy Down - 18 May 06

    Gayspy still down for me atm 10:15PM GMT +10:00 anyone else?
  5. unwritt3n


    1280x1024, 40-50 (high 30s at some stages) 256MB 7800GTX Extreme Amd Athlon 3200+ 2GB Corsair RAM Audigy 2 ZS
  6. unwritt3n

    Music Bug with Drone

    thanks mate
  7. unwritt3n

    Found a bug that crashes GRAW

    thanks GRiN_Stickan for fixing that up. I know it wasnt important, but im just happy to see that u guys have fixed it, and that u let us know!!! thank you very much!
  8. When in a level where u have tank support, if one of the tanks are selected, and you push the "g" key (crosscom) the game will crash with this error to desktop: Wed May 17 11:11:31 2006 Crash in application version: grpcrc1.06 data\lib\units\extensions\xcom.dsf(-1): cant find member: _camera in type <Unit> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\units\extensions\xcom.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\hud.dsf(0) I think it does it too if u have apache support. Just thought ill post so GRIN can maybe fix it.. its not that important.. just sucks if u get real far, and ur game closes coz u pushed it by accident.
  9. i found that it has to do with loading a savepoint... if u had night vision on when it saved... when u go to reload it... nightvision is on, but u cant see its on. Soo u gotta turn it off, then back on again.
  10. Well all i can say is.. GRAW is an awesome game!!! WD grin on the excellent job! 1 thing that annoys me in the game.. is the side-step/strafing animation. I dont like the way when u are running and strafing left/right at the same time, ur character looks like he is moon-walking sideways. get wat i mean?? Ill try and post a little fraps vid when i get the chance. That is the only minor thing that bugs me... other then that, im very happy with this game!! love the SP, and domination is growing on me. Cant wait for DM, and what these new coop maps are like. All in all this is a fantastic job, and all grin crew pat urself on the back from me have a good one
  11. unwritt3n


    keeping for sure.. never thought otherwise
  12. Hey guys.. like alot of us that have the audigy series cards... mosst of u prob have the CMSS and all the EAX effects on ur comps in the audio console in the creative settings... I just wanna know if when CMSS is enabled.. is that just for MP3s or is it enable for every sound on ur pc??? like with EAX effects, if i put reverb say on an MP3, even when i play a game/watch a movie the reverb stays on. I just wanna know if this is the same with CMSS, i currently have it on just normal "CMSS" but i have an option of "CMSS 2" or "stereo sound". Or should i just turn it all off completely?
  13. yeah "all along the watchtower" is played in some SP and MP missions. Also Ill Nino has a few songs in this game.. heard it in Guardrail XI mission, and in Avenue MP map.
  14. unwritt3n

    Favorite all around weapon?

    Fav Kit = Scar-L w/ Forward grip, Scope, M9 w/ Silencer, extra pistol ammo CQC = MR-C, MP5, extra MR-C Ammo Sniper is good as well... as long as u take the M8 compact or the MP5, and always have them in ur hands.. and only swap to the sniper when u need the long shot.
  15. unwritt3n

    Weird MP DOM bug

    yeah same thing happened to me.. i thought it was just lag related.. but i heard its happened to more ppl.. It happened to me as soon as a new round started..
  16. unwritt3n

    WOW! This game is great....

  17. unwritt3n

    Patch MP Broke

    umm what firewall do u have... majority of them will re-block graw because the .exe has been patched. try re allowing it access to the internet.. other then that.. im not to sure.
  18. unwritt3n

    Reticule graphic bug

    yeah i got this in VIP 2 is down... i defended the embassy with the ugly thing on my ret. Maybe it is a graphical glitch on Mitchells Crosscom. (lol)
  19. unwritt3n

    Patch 1.06 doesnt work

    hmm odd... did u download the retail one?? give ur pc a reboot.. amazing wat that can fix.
  20. yeah totally agree on everything -Aim gets knocked about like in GR1 -Deffinatley need a "thud" sound when hit.. feels like ur hollow atm -i like the idea of falling if shot while running
  21. unwritt3n

    I hope GRIN had a GREAT VACATION! :)

    Welcome back GRIN!!! Love GRAW... absolutly love it!!!! Did you guys buy plastic guns and play "GRAW" at Zocalo plaza??
  22. unwritt3n

    First Patch out NOW - 1.06

    nice!! this is gold!
  23. unwritt3n

    Creative Audigy 2 ZS

    ahh ok.. thanks for that...
  24. unwritt3n

    "Swirley trees and tires with no texture?"

    np mate... hope it helps..
  25. unwritt3n

    Mission #3 : VIP2 is down

    i finnaly did this last nite!!!! ###### that was hard... but intense!!! was good i only had 2 ghosts... 1 was near the statue, and the other was back at the building at the SW. All had covering orders.. and i stayed at the statue as well.