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  1. unwritt3n

    GRAW Expansion

    I wouldn't mind if we were to visit Mexico City again, just as long as it's more rural with different skins, weapons and functions. I would love to play as the Ghosts in Australia!!! Come to me Ghosts!!! We got some awesome rural settings here!!
  2. unwritt3n

    First pseudo add-on weapon

    whats the go with multiplayer and this gun mod??
  3. unwritt3n

    The Cover Order

    I just wanna go into more detail when you make the "cone". So the bigger u make the cone, the further out the AI ghost will scan?? So if i make a "cone" very short, if an enemy is in the distance.. will he not see that enemy?? But if i were to make a large "cone" the covers the enemy in the distance, then he will see it and engage? thanks
  4. satisfying read!! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie... Oi, Oi, Oi!!!!
  5. unwritt3n

    Blood Mod v1.0

    great mod mate... golf clap!!
  6. unwritt3n

    Domination Disappointment

    play with no respawns... thats the best
  7. unwritt3n

    Blood Mod v1.0

    can someone post a screenie of it?
  8. unwritt3n

    Ubisoft in Firm Control

    i still have lost all faith with ubi. so i aint gettin my hopes up with anything there. Ill believe them when i see it.
  9. unwritt3n

    Ocean, lakes, rivers

    Sad Looks like I'll be staying away from the water!
  10. Just playing some OPF tonight, and it just reminded me. Anyone know how the "player" now reacts to water. Is it just like OPF where you can run into the water, and just keep running underwater until you die? Or are we going to see waves, ripples reacting to movement in the water, can we swim (Well at least float). If we bail out of a wrecked aircraft over water, do we just fall to the bottom of the ocean instantly, or we float? Just something i thought was crap in OPF... It's no big deal if none of what i have said is added, it would be nice though. Thanks.
  11. yeah should be ok.. seeing as u have 2GB system ram, the turbo cache mite be alright. But graw is a big hog on system reasources... i would be thinkin 1024x768 (if not, 800x600), and everythign on low, 4x AF maybe, shadows off. 73xx arent gaming cards.. the 76xx and up are. just like the 62xx arent and the 66xx are. good luck tho.. interesting to see how it runs
  12. unwritt3n

    Mission #2: coup d'etat

    This works... its the first thing i did when i saw the tank
  13. could not resist in making a short movie too... its abouts SADS: http://www.grapheine.com/classiktv/classik...ay.php?id=18431
  14. oh thats great news... hopefully this helps some of my clan buddies... none of them can join games.. the damn "join" button dont work
  15. unwritt3n


    damn i want anticheat asap!!!! every damn server i go in lately has at least 1 idiot with a speed hack!! this is ###### me off, and stopping me from playing.
  16. just watched the SP video... looks awesome!!! and cant wait!! Some bad things i hope are just unfinished: #1 Sounds are just stupid OPF sounds #2 Blood is pink and just circle puffs like OPF #3 Animations seem to be incomplete (Most likely they are just unfinished, eg come to complete stop as soon as he stops running, weapon bob seems odd and very jittery, stand-to-prone) Honestly i dunno wat im expecting outta AA, i am expecting to see a complete make-over.. so far just seem to be updated graphics and just a different setting. Maybe i am expecting too much. Regardless, im still getting this no matter what.. just coz OPF was so god damn bloody good, despite some flaws
  17. looks good... still has the annoying gun sounds from OPF tho... just the same gun sound for every soldier. so in a massive firefight, you can hear the same sound being heard 50 times at once. terrible! Hopefully a sound mod is released on launch day.
  18. unwritt3n

    Question for GRIN

    well said!
  19. My last bug post was about the crosscom crashing the game found here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=34907 where GRiN_Stickan told me they have fixed the issue for the next patch. Well the new one i found does not crash graw... When in a mission where u have a Drone to control, (Mayday! Mayday! and Guardrail XI) if in options you have your music slider set to 0. when u push "G" too look through the Drones camera, the in game music can be heard, then when u leave the camera of the Drone music goes away. Even though you have music set to 0 (mute). I will continue my bug searching in graw, just so i can help. thanks
  20. unwritt3n

    Gamespy Down - 18 May 06

    yeah i know Manson.. not many ppl here play it.. only another 2 of my clan members have it. And we just doing the 200+ ping servers. i think none are playing coz of the limited amount of servers. Wait until SADS are released, and major aus sites like gamearena.com.au and games.internode start hosting.. then you'll see some more aussies.. til then we just gotta use wat we got.
  21. unwritt3n


    most likely based on the highest ur monitor can do... alot of cards can easily do 1600x1200+
  22. Word is that a multiplayer demo will be released before the game is launched, followed by a singleplayer demo later on. No date has been given though. cool. thanks. i still play flashpoint to this day!! i love it!! as long as OPF and GR games continue to be made.. i dont need anything. Best 2 games ever
  23. unwritt3n

    GRAW Was Not Worth Waiting!

    SHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *plays graw*