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  1. i cant' figure it out. i have uninstalled my mouse and reinstalled it- same with the demo itself. while playing the game, the inability to scroll makes it impossible to change weapons, and issue orders. is anyone else getting this? my mouse is an mx600 wireless i believe. i've never had a problem with this in any other game. this is the same mouse i've used with rvs, AA, bf1942, bfv, bf2, fear, farcry, hl2, etc. is it possible that a game doesn't support certain mice?
  2. Iggy.

    my first impressions

    J-Man... RSCD? as in the rapper?
  3. Iggy.

    GRAW dead, im off

    i just want my game to run more than 10 minutes without a crash. for that, i'd hump wille's leg.
  4. Iggy.

    Where are all our TOYS ?

    RVS had a nice map editor i thought. it's the only one i ever actually finished making a map on. you made everything and just textured it instead of using premad objects and brushes. you could add custom textures easily and there was really no need for an external app like 3dsm. i loaded up the GRAW map editor for like an hour and decided "nope- not for me"
  5. agree with above and... i like the way the maps cater to both ground fighters and snipers both. one of my complaints with [GR] maps was that most of them catered to one or the other and not both. i don't know what the new sound is about with the sniper rifle zoom but it's pretty cool nontheless. i like the cover on the maps and the bit of physics that goes with it i.e. it may not be the best choice of cover. the game itself has become damn good, i wish more people would come back and give it another chance or come and try it for the first time.
  6. Iggy.

    Default server settings

    a dream come true......
  7. Iggy.

    An ongoing bug list?

    first crash in a while: playing siege on BDA's server. round started. ran around for about 5 seconds and crash. map was avenues. my kit: scar-L (silencer, GL, scope), silenced mp5, grenades
  8. i just hope the patch comes out soon- seems like all the servers i like are down or empty cause everyone is "testing". when a game only has a handful of regulars and you take half of them away to beta test, the rest of us looking for a game are SOL.
  9. hey my name is in there! you guys shouldn't have.... no really you shouldn't have
  10. Iggy.


    yeah i was pretty excited that i finally got in. i played for a few hours and had a blast! problem was fixed by rebooting my modem which aquired a new ip for me. i called my isp and i have a static ip now. haven't tried again since i got the static but i'm hopin i am "perma-fixed" now! ggz
  11. Iggy.


    i can join almost any server except for BDA's. i try everytime i start this game. my teammates can join it but i can't. i am not using any mods except the custom maps i got from BDA's site. i start game i go to multiplayer i refresh list i join BDA's server i wait and wait and wait i get to the black screen i get the message "waiting on server" i get the message "error- disconnected - unknown reason" any ideas? PC specs: Pent. D 3.2 2 gig DDR2 x1900xt 3mb DSL Westell DSL modem (don't know what else you need to know)
  12. that's the first line on that page.
  13. Iggy.

    More Players

    i can't join you guys' server. i get that "disconnected unkown error" everytime i try. i don't know what the problem is. the screens of your maps look great, wish i could play them.
  14. Iggy.

    Online Play

    http://www.theesa.com/archives/files/Essen...acts%202006.pdf Page 4. 31% of gamers are under 18 44% of gamers are 18-49 25% of gamers are 50+ those findings most probably encompass all games such as card games, puzzle games, etc. i don't think they can really be applied to what we all refer to as "gamers".
  15. Iggy.

    Connecting To Server...

    man i get this diconnect crap all the time. how exactly do i fix it? i need to call my isp?
  16. RGR THAT more frustrating than that for me is taking cover and getting shot anyway. it's like the bullets are heat seeking and can turn corners. it has to be a netcode problem i would think. it makes the "peeking game" a little hard. if that doesn't make sense i don't know how better to explain it.
  17. Iggy.


    No flights available -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No vacation package flights are available for this combination of cities and dates. You can still save money by booking an Expedia Special Rate hotel. Then use the flight search tool to book a flight. Search for Expedia Special Rate hotels. Change your search. Cancel and go to the home page. sorry, i tried
  18. Iggy.


    wouldn't it be cheaper to just hire a Vegas hooker and fly her to New Balsamic Vinagerette (or wherever those guys are from) for a night? i'll check expedia and vegashookers.com for rates. we may be able to get a package discount providing we get a rental car too.
  19. did you guys fix the "inventory crash bug"? (game just crashed becausre of it) it's really the only bug i ever get.
  20. Iggy.

    TDM Pub Server settings?

    did i miss something? are we getting VOIP? no respawn, 5 min, but i agree 3 resp. with a 10 min time limit would be better at first. give us time to do a bit of exploring.
  21. Iggy.

    Map Pack #2 Info

    what's the point of a good anti-cheat tool if you're going to disable it for a match when that's where anticheats are needed most. who cares if you're cheated in pubs.
  22. Iggy.

    Unknown Error

    well sadly to say- i deleted all my custom maps and i have remedied the problem or so it seems. not sure if it is one map in particular or what, but i'm not adding each map and starting the game and trying to connect to a server just to see. that's like 55 maps! so sadly to say no joining custom maps for me
  23. Iggy.

    how do you play GRAW ?

    beastie boys i play only when i have a teammate on vent. trying to remain loyal to the idea of "move and cover"
  24. Iggy.

    Unknown Error

    same here with the disconnect error. it was exclusive to BDA's server until this weekend. now i get it with SOK and GS servers too. i looked in technical but there wasn't anything there about it.
  25. seriously, i will send any GRiN programmer a 100 euro bonus to put kit restrictions in to stop the grenade launching fiasco that is GR:AW MP.also, i sure hope that when TDM is released, the ladder admins will make the rule for no grenade launchers. i am trying so hard not to pull one out myself and just start running around spamming them back- i have yet to do so...[/rant]