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  1. Whisper_44

    Blackfoot Studios

    I'd like to know how you're so sure?
  2. Whisper_44

    Ruin ties the knot

    Congratulations to you both
  3. Whisper_44

    From: no news on a PC release date

    Do you really believe this?
  4. Whisper_44

    Camo question

    If I'm understanding you correctly, I believe that these are templates to be used in creating your own skins for the game, and not a "skin pack" for use in game.
  5. Whisper_44

    Future Soldier for $10

    They fixed it, Now $59.99 & includes a $10 GC(WooHoo)
  6. Whisper_44

    What a way to start a day...

    Damn that sucks
  7. Excellent work Boss!!!
  8. Whisper_44

    Screenshots Thread

    A-TACS looks good WP33, nice to see you still doing work
  9. Whisper_44

    2010 Winter Olympics

    Good game Cannuck, the war of attrition is over, and the great white north can savor the medal they've been longing for.. I held out hope until the very end. See you again in 4 years
  10. Whisper_44

    2010 Winter Olympics

    May the best North American Win
  11. Whisper_44

    2010 Winter Olympics

    Miracle on Ice 2?
  12. Whisper_44

    STEAM Version - Editor issues

    thank you sir - this thread actually had a useful link.
  13. Have been away for a few days and wondered if they'd addressed the STEAM Editor issues, as in how to get it working?? - Anyone know?