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  1. Anyone try them yet? link
  2. BigT4187

    Card Reader - built into CD Drive!

    I'd love to see a pic ..........
  3. I have one of these also. Works great for me!!
  4. BigT4187

    Does anyone know.....

    Here us what I found from here mdm - mdm.exe - Process Information Process File: mdm or mdm.exe Process Name: Machine Debug Manager Description: The Machine Debug Manager is used for Debugging Applications and is Installed by the Microsoft Script Editor which is included in Microsoft Office Common Errors: N/A System Process: Yes Maybe someone can explain further ...
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    VERY cool! Thanks for sharing the link!
  6. BigT4187

    Mousepad question

    I've had it for about six months. No sign of wear at all. RE: Teflon tape ... Make sure you get the adhesive type. I found mine on eBay ... very cheap.
  7. BigT4187

    Mousepad question

    I have a "Ratzpadz" mouse pad and love it! I have an optical mouse. See if you can find some "teflon tape" to put on your mouse. The teflon tape improves the way your mouse glides over the Ratzpadz.
  8. BigT4187

    cant connect to the internet

    What OS are you using? Do you have a cable modem or are you on dial up? Do you have a hardware firewall/router? If you have a cable modem and WindowsXP try this ... right click on your network connection and choose "repair". Sometimes that works. Also, if you have a hardware firewall/router, try unplugging that and pluggin that back in. That works for me sometimes, too. BigT
  9. BigT4187

    removing napster,kazaa,bearshare

    I am insterested in learning how to do this too. Thanks SOTOPhantm!
  10. BigT4187

    External Hard Drive

    I know one (or more) of the experts out there will have an answer/opinion on this. I am considering getting an external hard drive for backups and general storage. Maybe something in the 40 - 60 GB range. I was also thinking about the possibility of going to a computer show and getting a used 25 - 30GB HDD and then buying an external case for it. Any thoughts? Thanks. BigT
  11. BigT4187

    External Hard Drive

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. Here is the thing .... I really want to store Ghost images. I imaged my HDD and there are 5 files totaling almost 9GB. The files are about 2 GB a piece. Does anyone know if there is a setting within Ghost that will split the files to 650MB?
  12. BigT4187

    MSN 6

    You could get Trillian. It is a IM program that allows you to connect to ICQ, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and IRC all with one little program. Check it out!
  13. BigT4187

    A little off topic

    Great idea! I have thought about posting a similar post. Anyone care to help???
  14. BigT4187

    Removing Spyware

    adaware & spybot search & destroy come to mind
  15. BigT4187

    new Comp

    I recently built my first computer with a lot of help from the people here (Thanks DarkRanger, WhiteKnight, and a lot of others). It was really easy to do. I used newegg. I found they had good prices and they have a GREAT reputation. See my sig for the rig I put together. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me. Tony
  16. BigT4187

    Turning on a PC

    On some newer BIOS you are able to set an automatic "wake" time, as well as if it should be everyday, weekdays, etc. I have my work PC set to turn on before I get there. Check your BIOS ..........
  17. BigT4187

    Nvidia drivers

    Thanks for the input ...........
  18. BigT4187

    Nvidia drivers

    Hi everyone. I have a GForce4 Ti4200 and am running the 41.09 drivers. How are the 44.03? Any problems? I was thinking about updating the drivers, but want to make sure that they are stable. Thanks in advance. Tony
  19. BigT4187

    new here

    Welcom Debs and enjoy your stay!!
  20. BigT4187

    Sound Echo

    I thought so too.
  21. BigT4187

    Sound Echo

    Here's a wierd thing. All of a sudden GR has an echo when I play. I don't recall changing anything. No other game or application has an echo, just GR. Any thoughts? I may have to uninstall and reinstall .... any tricks that I need to be aware of? Thanks for your help. Tony
  22. BigT4187

    Sound Echo

    Thanks for all of the advice. For the heck of it I uninstalled Frostbite and the problem went away.
  23. BigT4187


    hate tosee ya go, stinger. thanks for all of your help!! big t
  24. Today I received the rest of the components for my new rig. I was really intimidated about putting together my own PC. I have been around PCs for quite a long time, but never took the leap of faith to assemble one myself. I usually purchased a ready made PC. I was really surprised how EASY it was. It took me only about 1.5 hours to assemble the hardware. I won't be able to install the OS and other software (GR of course!) until Monday. (It's killing me!!!) The final rig is ... ASUS P4G8X Deluxe mobo P4 2.53 Ghz 533 FSB, 512 L2 Cache Processor PNY Geforce4 Ti4200 64MB video card 1 GB Crucial PC2100 RAM LiteOn DVD drive LiteOn 52X CDRW drive 120GB HHD (Several partitions) 4 80mm case fans (2 front, 2 rear) 17" monitor (CRT) I think that is it ...... I'm sure I left something out. Anyway ... I powered it up and got into the BIOS without a problem, so first thing Monday is the software! I hope I can sleep this weekend! Thanks to all of you here who have put up with my questions and posts. It is appreciated more than you know. I hope to pass along the knowledge to another some day. Thanks again ...... BigT