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  1. My copy of Ghost Recon advanced warfighter 2 won't run after I upgraded my computer. I upgraded everything only hard drive is the same I tried to restall the game already too So when I try to start the game I get this error. Crash in application version: 0.3048 Unhandled exception - divide by zero (integer) C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? ntdll (???) : RtlDeactivateActivationContextUnsafeFast uxtheme (???) : IsThemePartDefined USER32 (???) : AddClipboardFormatListener USER32 (???) : DispatchMessageW Renderer: normal Physics : normal My new computer Gigabyte AB350 gaming 3 motherboard AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.00GHz ram 16 GB DDR4 Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5 Windows 10
  2. wr9

    Falling Through The Map

    Thanks for the help Radiator & JohnTC02 I don't know what the quick bundle is. looks like I need to reinstall the game I well try that and let you know how it go's I don't have the disk of the game I'm useing a copy I got from a firend I will go buy a new copy to reinstall it. Thanks again guy's
  3. How Do I Install Maps & Missions that I download from here for GRAW 2?
  4. wr9

    I need help

    Thank you very much. Thats the one I was looking for.
  5. wr9

    I need help

    Not sure all i remmber is there was a character with a bomb strapped on him in one of the mods i downloaded a long time ago. I have a lot of old mods on CD but i can't find that one. Thanks
  6. wr9

    I need help

    Thanks Colin I'am not sure but sounds good. Where can i find time bomb? Don't see it on the download page.
  7. wr9

    I need help

    Hi I'am new here I'am looking for a old mod that had a character with a bomb straped on him. Would like to know the name of the mod.