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  1. The clip was intended to show you how I experience impacts on my computer, with the current features, not to showcase how the future will be. I want your feedback, not just telling you "this is what you get". "We want limping" is a good piece of feedback. thats nice, thanks for your reply! Ok this is my feedback / wishlist for santa ... ahh Grin: I think its not necessary to imlement limping, or to many long lasting effects. But as statet many times, the problem with the online gameplay is that you dont have to fear being shot at. You get hit 2 times and you return full auto fire while you get hit another 2 times. But because you moved and fired full auto you hit your enemy 5-6 times ... So my suggestion is: a hit should make you fall! If you get hit and fall when you are in open space and your team doesnt cover you, youre dead! Cause the enemy can easily fire some more rounds. If you are behind cover, you would fall but the enemy cant put another round into you. So you have a much better chance to survive it. That would also make the firefights more challenging and longer lasting! This would give those an advantage who use cover, tactics, work with theyre team, AND to those who place the first aimed shot! And if you could make this as a new difficulty mode ("realistic") and server option, everyone would be happy!
  2. The "thud" sounds really nice now! But if i interpreted the video clip correctly there wont be any other (IMO gameplay improving) effect/punishment? .. its your game
  3. Hi I would be really pleased if one of you Grin_Members could answer this question: Do you plan (or consider) to add anything more than we have now? Any of the suggestions in this thread? (there are some really good ideas IMO)? Or wont you go any further than you did with patch 1.16 concerning this topic? sorry for bringing up this thread again but for me this is the main thing i would like to see changed in GRAW.
  4. Yes, IMO this would be very nice. But i think it is ok that you can survive 2-4 hits, WHEN you fall when hit (or the same way the AI does .. i dont remeber if they fall every time). You will survive a firefight when you are behind cover or if you are working with your team, but you'll be dead when you run towards the enemy in full auto mode ... And i think that will make the online gameplay much better! Yeah, IF it is possible to add this as a new difficulty level (easy - normal - hard -- realistic) and as a server option, it wouldnt hurt anyone who dont like a more realistic gameplay, cause they can play the game on easy/normal/hard (just as now) or on servers without 'relistic mode' turned on! Or is this technically impossible to do? (i dont know anything about progamming)
  5. nice idea! It would be very cool if GRAW would offer the 'normal' and a 'realistic' mode! (for SP and MP)!!
  6. Kevlar may stop a bullet from going through someone, but I'm guessing they will be acutely aware of the contact, to the point where nobody's going to be able to pivot and bring their weapon up to bear immediately after taking a hit. As it stands, that's almost exactly how things often play out now. Kevlar or not, when someone shoots a burst into your back and you can turn around and shoot them back . . . meh. At range, if you take a non-lethal shot, you shouldn't be able to return fire immediately after; however, you can duck behind cover, recover, etc. At close range, the suggestions in this post mean you'd be a sitting duck to be finished off . . . which makes perfect sense, to me. Having these head-to-head, "who can get more bullets into the other guy first" confrontations just doesn't cut it, for me. well said!! Thats why we suggest it! Its not Counter Strike ... its Ghost Recon!
  7. Jonny Mopped

    GRAW - Realism optimization mod

    I dont know anything about programing but maybe it would be much easier to use the animations of your single player team AI. Simplified said: take the part of the code that makes your team ghosts and enemy AI fall when they get hit, and copy it into the players code
  8. 1. OMG! Did you read the thread? 2. Nobody here is talking about how many hits you should or can take. We are talking about the EFFECT/PUNISHMENT (look at thread title!) when being hit! Do you think you wont react when a bullet hits your body armor? You will! And we would like to see a more realistic reaction in GRAW! IMO the effects Grin added in this patch are by far not enough. They dont change gameplay at all. And thats what i think the punishment/effect is for: more realistic gameplay! As i said before, random falling (50% chance) and view knocked of (way more than it is with this patch!) would make you think more before you run around a corner. And the one firing single shots from behind cover would actually have an advantage over the one walking around firing full auto! (and not the other way round as it is now ..) But as Colin said, we probably wont see more effects ... I hope the will be a mod!
  9. Jonny Mopped

    Mike's ACU Mod...

    very nice!! hope you will release it soon!
  10. Jonny Mopped

    Gamespy review is up

    Thanks for answering! Could you tell if there will be any animation (on enemy model) that shows you that you've hit the enemy? (like in GR 1 for example) (beside the cool new sound effects )
  11. Jonny Mopped

    Gamespy review is up

    The sound in SP is realy nice!! But in MP everyone uses suppressors -> MP is (imo) too quiet! In realitiy there is still a very loud snapping sound caused by the super sonic bullet. But i think this will be very hard to implement in a game .. i am for no supressors in MP Have you thought about implementing random falling, too? Or do you think its too much for a game? personaly i would realy like to see this, just like your AI teammates fall when they get hit.
  12. Jonny Mopped

    SPQR clan skins!

    yeah! very nice! could you post a pic where he is standing in the shadow? or at least not in bright sunlight? I dont understand why Grin made the uniforms look so bright/orange.
  13. Jonny Mopped

    SPQR clan skins!

    The multicam uniform looks much better than the GRAW orange one, but imo allready a little too dark. maybe you could make it just a tad brighter? I cant do all that modding stff but i would realy like to see how a realistc multicam uniform would look like in GRAW! look at some of the pics from www.multicampattern.com they are somewhat brighter than yours but not nearly as orange as the original GRAW uniforms. http://www.multicampattern.com/img/img1b.jpg in bright sunlight: http://www.multicampattern.com/img/img17b.jpg
  14. Jonny Mopped

    Damage system

    IMHO that one would be perfect. Yep, that would be perfect! I could live without any permanent effect from beeing woundet IF you fall when you get hit! That would be an advantage for those shooting faster and aiming better over those running faster! (And not the other way round as it is now ..)
  15. I dont think adding a little more red will help too much. I'd like to quote Peace on this: