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  1. I would love to see Fuel Depot from Ghost Recon 2. Loved that map. Massive territory and a lot of stuff to do and one of the more difficult yet fun maps to work w/ your team on. Four guys - or in some cases, ladies - working as a unit and completing that map was fun!
  2. Amen to that!!! Alicia Diaz was smoking H-O-T in Ghost Recon 2! I remember playing that game and zooming in w/ my sniper rifle on her butt... She was a great sniper too!!!
  3. As I am probably one of the few remaining people who plays GR: AW II I just wanted to mention the nice touch of the new movie posters in one of the maps. I play a lot of solo stuff, I will open a room on Live and just do missions by myself, and I was playing in Locks the other night, one of my favorite maps, and noticed posters for The Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington and Edge Of Darkness w/ Mel Gibson. It was kind of shocking the first time because I turned, expecting a bad guy to be there, and instead was greeted by Denzel! Anyway, a kind of cool touch. Carry on...
  4. Great post! I definitely agree with you on Caves and Peaks. I would add Fuel Depot from GR 2 because that map was just so fun and intense. It was massive... and you could also do things a bit out of order... (you never lazered the fuel supply until you took out the first wave of enemy) I have so many fond memories of that map. I also really enjoy Locks from GRAW II... but Caves, Peaks and Fuel Depot would be probably be the top three. I know this is the PC area of GR 4, but nobody seems to be posting on the GR 4 XBox 360 forum... which concerns me. It could also signal a time for change
  5. There are some things that just aggravate the heck out of me in GR:AW 2 and I would love to see these eliminated completely in Ghost Recon 4. I doubt I am alone with these thoughts... General Martin: Can we please get rid of this guy? There are a few maps in the DLC where he says... "Ghosts, destroy the enemy targets." Really? As if being a Ghost all these years that idea hadn't sunk in yet. There are other instances of this Martin guy that border on asinine. Just do away with all the high-tech stuff and that should eliminate Martin altogether. Time Limits: Okay, I get it for on-line pla
  6. This may get a bit long, but allow me, if you will, to add my .02 cents. I wasn't introduced to the Ghost Recon franchise until Ghost Recon 2. My brother was hyping it up and then I played it and I was hooked. I realize many of the original GR players didn't care for GR 2, but I still believe these are valid points. First, when you pop the Ghost Recon 2 disc into your XBox, you hear that music. Low... ominous... eerie... then you hear Scott talking... "this time, we're here to win a war before it even starts..." I was probably hooked right there. That music set the mood. And in a game like
  7. I have just joined this forum although I have been reading it off and on for quite a while now. It was in February of 2005 that my brother turned me on to Ghost Recon II and it didn't take long before I was hooked. Then I ventured out and became a member of XBox Live and for a time it increased the fun in an already exciting game. When Ghost Recon II: Summit Strike was released I decided to try and take things one step further. I spent many hours looking for serious and dedicated players. The kind of people who are looking to utilize the game for all its worth. As I see it, the Ghost Re
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