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    Mission #8: Guardrail IX

    Yeh, will do. I noticed in the list of things that the patch fixes something about helicopters not falling down or something similar and i wonder if thats what it fixes. I'll just wait and see and let you know. Thanks for the Help Edit: No, downloaded the patch and restarted the mission, not from the 1st save but from the campaign menu choose mission option and still no change, still gets caught in that damn tree. I Think you were right about contacting a GRIN person, any suggestions on which one?
  2. Sameer

    Mission #8: Guardrail IX

    I just have and no change, thats when i took the screenshot
  3. Sameer

    Mission #8: Guardrail IX

    LOL, no doubt. Edit: This is what happends> The wheel gets caught, I can use grenades to get the wheel free, but then the cockpit gets caught as well and it takes all my grenades to just get the wheels free.
  4. Sameer

    Mission #8: Guardrail IX

    Same mission different problem, I've got as far as the supply helo (just after the 2nd save point), but the thing won't land. It it turns and tries to land but gets caught in a tree in the courtyard, i've tried reloading and going back to the 1st save point and moving forward to see if it changes, but it still gets caught. I must have loaded the same point a good 20 times now and everytime it gets caught. It's really annoying because I can't progress untill it lands and I get my next save point. Does anyone have any ideas about what to do about this? Thanks Sameer