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  1. Traveler added a post in a topic GameTrailers "Co-Op Campaign Interview"   

    I just get more depressed each time I see a new UBI video. I am sure it will be a fun game but why is it so hard? Just make an improved version of a game of the year winner. I guess I will buy the PS3 version and not buy a new PC.
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  2. Traveler added a post in a topic GameSpots Future Soldier Booth Tour   

    I do not think the 2006 was a mistake, I do not think any one at UBI knows there was a Ghost Recon back then. They defiantly never played it.
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  3. Traveler added a post in a topic [Official PlayStation Magazine's "First look" Article]   

    Auburn University has been working on that for years.
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  4. Traveler added a topic in Site Feedback   

    [ "Lisyka" Private Message SPAM ]
    Wanted to give y'all a heads up on new spam message from Lisyka

    Thanks, Traveler
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  5. Traveler added a post in a topic 1/6th GR Models   

  6. Traveler added a post in a topic GR:FS Delayed!   

    I am right there with you Rocky.
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  7. Traveler added a post in a topic Video of Heli Insertions for Players on the wiki   

    That is nice. good work.
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  8. Traveler added a post in a topic Ghost Recon plot coming true, bang on timescale?   

    "Putin, the former president and architect of an assertive foreign policy that has stoked East-West tension, suggested in an interview with CNN that there was an American presence amid the combat with a potential domestic U.S. political motive."
    By STEVE GUTTERMAN, Associated Press Writer
    Link to article
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  9. Traveler added a post in a topic Grin Interviews On Youtube.   

    Looks like GRIN has got more than one game in the works.

    [Merged with relevant topic]
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  10. Traveler added a post in a topic Ubi teaser ?   

    Data pull info is pretty cool. It has ticker counting repair time. I guess when complete the info will be viewable. 33 hrs and 5 min as of now.
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  11. Traveler added a post in a topic Coming soon   

    Looks great!! Nice idea to get in towers but can you get out?
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  12. Traveler added a post in a topic Merry X-MAS   

    Merry Christmas to all.

    My mother-inlaw gave me [GR] for Christmas 2001, so when the wife complains I get to blame her mother. We all know who is really responsible for the GR addiction: Clancy, Red Storm, and grnet, the modders, and the great commuity. Thanks Rocky for doing your part to keep that addiction going.
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  13. Traveler added a topic in GR:AW 2 - PS3/PSP and Wii Consoles   

    Online Population?
    I just pick up a PS3 the other day. I was thinking about picking up GR:AW 2. I like the PC version but not enough maps or people (and I don't think UBI is going to do any thing to help). Is there a sizeable online population?

    Also does the game support a keyboard and mosue?
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  14. Traveler added a post in a topic Nearing another milestone   

    I have not posted much but have enjoyed reading for a long time. Thanks for the great forums and site.
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  15. Traveler added a topic in Real World Military   

    Fallen soldier featured on NPR
    LeRon Wilson age 18 From Queens, NY The story listed his interest as computers, guns and Ghost Recon.

    All Things Considered - NPR The audio will be available 7:00 PM ET July 29

    NPR Wilson story link

    May God bless him and his family.
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