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  1. Thanks Roceh, In my experience, allowing teams to choose between options causes a lot of bickering. Either match start times are prolonged due to indecision between match settings, or like you said, certain teams will refuse to play unless certain settings are on. WLG will not have any ladders with choosable options, each ladder will have it's own unique rules which will always be non-negotiable, and if a team prefers to play the game a certain way, they can join Ladder A, if not, they can join Ladder B.
  2. Hello all, War League Gaming will proudly kick off Ghost Recon AW with 3 Domination Ladders - each with their own flavor of battle. The Total Domination Ladder will be a challenge-only ladder featuring infinite respawns on 1 single map (1 or 3 times TBD) with a long 30-45 minute time-limit (TBD), giving the competitors plenty of time and two ways to win, either control the map or hold the most zones when time expires. The World Domination Ladder will be a challenge or open play ladder featuring limited (3 or 5 TBD) respawns with a first to win 5 alternating map pick format. Time limit will be 10-15 (TBD) minutes, giving competitors 3 ways to win. The Xtreme Domination Ladder will be a challenge or open play ladder for those craving the most realistic combat TvT Domination has to offer. It will feature no respawns, with a first to win 5 random map format and 10-15 minute (TBD) time limit. For those of you who don't know, WLG is the ONLY Competition Site to be totally dedicated to one game and one game only - GRAW for PC and it's expansions/sequals. This means that our community will be closer, our admin support will be better, and our competition variety will be greater than any other site to feature this game. We hope to see you all there soon. WLG|Apache Competition Director War League Gaming http://www.warleaguegaming.net
  3. LOL...my answer to the name of this thread is: "Yes...it is possible to grin!" ← With multiplayer being kept quiet, it may not be possible, that's why I am asking. With that said, I think my topic title is sufficient.
  4. Hello GRIN, first off I'd like to thank you all for developing the coolest game ever to be installed on a PC since GR1 and it will be the ONLY game that we at War League Gaming will be using in our ladders/leagues/tournaments - at least until GR4. I'd love to be able to open at least one ladder to matching on the day of release, but without knowing the game settings, it is hard to make rules which of course must be in place before anyone can start matching. Is it possible to release multiplayer server setting info to GRAW competition site admins sometime before the game is actually released? - which could be 24 hours before release for all I care. I'm sure other ladder admins would love to be able to set their rules up before the game is out as well so that we can get to matching right away instead of finding ourselves in a who-gets-their-rules-done-first race. More than likely, most sites will begin with just one ladder opened at launch, a timed tvt ladder, so any info to help WLG and others get a ladder going on release day would be much appreciated. Feel free to PM me. Thanks. WLG|Apache Competition Director/Owner War League Gaming http://www.warleaguegaming.net
  5. Awesome news. Keep up the good work GRIN. The only thing I don't want to see happen in future patches is nerfs due to whining players.
  6. Good to hear.
  7. GRAW has a singleplayer mode? I wonder if...*loads GR1*.....
  8. You will enjoy the War League, I guarantee it
  9. Good post. A lot of good games are ruined because the small vocal minority who are unhappy with the game are ranting in forums trying to get the game changed and ruined for the large silent majority who are matching. GRIN, not sure if you will be matching online or not, but I just wanted to let you know that ya'll are over at warleaguegaming.net especially since your game will be the ONLY game played at WLG. Least till GR4 comes out on the PC
  10. Greetings, Back in March of 2005, War League Gaming opened in anticipation to the release of Ghost Recon 2. We planned on supporting GR2 and nothing else - a one game ladder, but after the news of cancellation, we decided to give the [Ghost Recon] a try. For about 10 weeks we had an active ladder, but quickly saw a loss of interest in GR with the release of the Battlefield 2 demo. So in June we closed down, with intentions to reopen again for the then recently announced Ghost Recon 3. With the certain? release date of Match 30th, we have reopened WLG for player and team registrations. So why WLG and not one of the other Ladders/Leagues that will indefinately support GRAW? Well for one, WLG will support only 1 game, and on only 1 platform, the PC. We will not support xbox, 360, or ps2. We will not support any other game, just GRAW and its expansions, and any Ghost Recon series PC game released after that. Secondly, I'd like to say that our admins are all hand picked and chosen based on experience, history, age, and professionalism. Our admins are held to a higher standard than the players because they represent our network. They are both to enforce the rules and are also subject to them. No admin is at any time above the rules at WLG. You won't find any admins flaming players or using profane language at WLG, it is not tolerated. We also have an adult-only age requirement for Admins, this ensures that kids are never running the show. Thirdly, I'd like to say that WLG has and will maintain a Zero-Tolerance cheating policy. That means that no matter who you are, if you cheat, you're banned forever. Cheaters ruin the game and anyone with enough audacity to play this game dishonestly can join the ban list. Also, players who have been legitamately banned from another reputable ladder for cheating will be automatically banned from WLG. We will not be the cheater dump, where cheaters who are banned from TCZ, TAG, or TWL jump over to WLG. Sorry, we don't want you here if you cheat. Lastly, since WLG is a one-game, one-platform competition site, we will have the most variety of ladders and league play of any other gaming network out there including 1v1, 2v2, Team Timed, Team Untimed, Multi Teamplay, Tournaments, the War League, and more. But we will need your help to get the ball rolling. So I'd like to invite you all to join War League Gaming, the place for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter PC. WLG|Apache Competition Manager War League Gaming http://www.warleaguegaming.net Email: apache@warleaguegaming.net
  11. No Problem. We have a 2 week max policy at WLG. Website issues, rule questions, and no shows are generally handled the same day or within 48 hours. Cheating & other serious disputes must be handled within 2 weeks. This includes investigation, talking to the team leader(s) involved, and the final decision. Yes and No. No in the sense that rules are not negotiable, never. But yes in the sense that on some ladders, there may be rules that allow optional game settings, but in those cases, there will always be a default rule that must be followed if both team leaders cannot agree to the optional method, using sensors is a good example. This prevents drawn out arguments within the server over a specific game setting. If the agreement isn't mutual, then the setting defaults. On our ladders, all teams, regardless of rank, will auto drop for inactivity. I'm not certain on how much inactive time we'll allow before a drop yet, but it will be somewhere between 5-10 days. The amount of ranks dropped will also be sufficient enough as to discourage inactivity. No minimum amount of games needed to remain on the ladder. However, if a team has been inactive on a ladder for over 30 days, the ladder supervisor will email their team leader(s) to find out the reasons for their prolonged inactivity. If they have left/are leaving the ladder or do not respond by email, their team will be removed from that ladder. If they respond and wish to remain on that ladder, then we will either do nothing or we will put their team on temporary inactive status so that they do not receive challenges from other teams. It depends on how soon they think they will become active again. They may be taking a break, on military duty, etc., we simply just want to know what's going on. As soon as they let the supervisor know they are back in action, then they will be put back on active status. It depends on the ladder. Some ladders are open-play only, others are challenge only, and others go both ways. On the challenge ladders, any team can challenge below them, but lower ranked teams will only be able to challenge higher ranked teams if they are within so many ranks. This prevents, for example, the 30th ranked team from becoming number 2 after just one match. However, some ladders, such as the open-play, will allow matching of anyone, no matter the rank. WLG is not an American-clan only ladder. In the case of Europe vs North America, there is always Saturdays!. Good suggestion, but I don't think we could fairly enforce any kind of messenger policy. Even after they all have ICQ, there is no way of making them turn it on prior to the match. However, all players, including team leaders, are required to enter valid email addresses when registering and their emails are accessible by anyone. Whether or not they check it prior to the match is another issue. You could also send them a PM through our forums. Regardless, if they do not show up within 15 minutes after the scheduled time with enough players to match, then they can be charged a forfeit loss if the opposing team chooses not to reschedule. By the way, welcome to War League Gaming! Regards, WLG|Apache Competition Manager War League Gaming http://www.warleaguegaming.net
  12. Thank you.
  13. Greetings, First off, thank you Colin for the invitation to these forums as well as the free publicity. To answer a few questions, War League Gaming will not be supporting any Console versions of GRAW including XBox & XBox 360. We will be strictly PC. This will allow us to maintain a better gaming experience and to focus on the needs and requests of a single gaming community. As far as other ladders that will support Console versions of GRAW, I believe thecombatzone.net and gamebattles.com will both support it, along with squadgames.com and others. Why choose War League Gaming over the other ladders that are out there? Coming from an online gaming veteran, I would have to say admins and ladder variety are the main reasons why teams join/leave ladders and go elsewhere. But I'll see if I can give you folks a couple of reasons to try us out. For one, we will be one of very few ladders that support only GRAW and only for the PC. This will mean more ladder variety for clans and a friendlier community. Secondly, our admins are seasoned GR1 veterans, all over the age of 18. Not only are they adults, but they are also honest players with no cheating records. Next, our anti-cheating policy will remain very strict, but at the same time, fair. We hold the mindset of "innocent until proven guilty". But once proven guilty, the player will be permanently banned from our network. We do not penalize teams with the exception of the game(s) wherein the cheating occurred. The exception to this is when the cheater was a team leader/admin. Then their team will be removed from the ladder/league and the cheater banned. The remaining players will have the option to start a new team (without their former team leader of course). Lastly, in addition to our ladders, we will have regular free-for-all clan and 1v1 tournaments, as well as the seasonal War League which allows clans to compete among other clans in scheduled matches to earn a spot in the War League Playoff Tournament. The War League will feature 2 divisions, the American and National. and each division will have a different ruleset. Clans will be allowed to join one of the two divisions, but not both. Interdivisional play will not be permitted until the finals. At the end of the season, the top so-many teams in each division will enter the playoff tournament. I'll be frequenting this post in effort to answer any more questions that you folks may have. Regards, WLG|Apache Competition Manager War League Gaming http://www.warleaguegaming.net