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  1. reconfan


    Well done!!!!! Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. reconfan

    OGR Embassy!

    Hi friends? How are things??? Can we play [GR] embassy??? Tell us something!!!!
  3. reconfan

    Edit map images

    Hi there... How can I edit map images? I want to add grids on map images... Hoe can I do it?
  4. reconfan

    Christmas is coming soon

  5. reconfan

    OGR Embassy!

    C'mon guys! U can do it!!!
  6. reconfan

    OGR Embassy!

    Scope, we will wait for -=OGN=- release...
  7. reconfan

    OGR Embassy!

    We need [GR] Embassy boys!!! Gimme a few time and it will be done!!! Have you tried to do it? Tell me please!!!
  8. reconfan

    Don't make GRAW like GR1

    Agent Smith don't lose time playing GR, spend it to find NEO!!!! I love GR and I think it is better than GRAW (but I recognize it has a lot of bugs...)
  9. reconfan

    Siege Mod Beta 1

    Do you want to play now ????? My server is open : SIEGE SIEGE SIEGE MOD!!! I m online!
  10. reconfan

    Siege Mod Beta 1

    It works! I dont know why but it works!!!
  11. reconfan

    Siege Mod Beta 1

    Cross-com zoomed hud? Huh.... My mod doesn't even touch that file. Might be some information that crosses over from one mod xml file to another. (edited to correct word slip up) When exactly did the crash happen? Just loading into the game? Playing the game and did something? What server were you playing on? Any information you can give would help track down the issue. Did you have any other mods installed previously? If I had the ability, I'd throw one up myself but my connection has a pathetic upstream and drops on a regular basis. The crash happens when I click GRAW ICON I get the black screen (loading game....) and when it seems the game is full loaded I get that error. I can't see the game menu...) I have no more mods... well yes, I have the blood mod.
  12. reconfan

    Siege Mod Beta 1

    It doesnt work for me: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.10 Script: not found! or: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.10 c:\Code\Engine\dieselx\source\utility\Archive.cpp(1745)Cannot open e:\gaems\graw\data\gui\cross_com_zoomed_hud.xml.bin (I dont see \data\gui folder!!!!)
  13. reconfan

    Siege Mod Beta 1

    Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!! Thanks TedSmith!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ¡¡¡¡SOLVED!!!! Well I solved it! Just turn off the dedicated server (shutdown the pc), wait a few seconds and turn server on again. (Don't do a reset, just shutdown pc) As you can notice if you shutdown the server you won't be able to turn it on, so make sure you have your server provider's phone number 'cause they will do it for you!!!! I been testing this issue and always works with this trick...
  15. I don't like it. I want my SIEGE mode as GR1. I bought this game for multiplayer mode and I miss capture or defend the smoke and other ones.... I am disappointed on multiplayer mode...