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  1. Great considerations, I think the same! I believe that the essence of GR (for consoles, at least) was maintained until GRAW 2. With GRFS they have already started to "experiment" with some new mechanics to try to "revitalize" the series, which in my way did not happen. In Wildland they tried a "war against narcos", which even worked for a while, but then everything becomes boring and repetitive. With Breakpoint they had a very interesting premise (in my opinion), which is to leave a soldier behind enemy lines and give him the opportunity to survive after a major setback. However, that is not what we had ... a pity! I hope you come back with GRAW ... how about a GRAW 3 in Rio de Janeiro? I would love! Thanks! Aranha
  2. Let´s go again... Run Nomad, run! Korengal Valley Long river... Patrol Rain
  3. Hi there! Some photos by my photomode from GRW. 1) "HARD SUN" 2) "WALKER" 3) "Zero Dark Thirty" Thanx! Aranha
  4. I believe that Ubi has made much-anticipated updates to the game, and even though it has this more factitious aspect, it is justifiable since all action will take place on an island where a high-tech product factory has been implemented. Ubi has heard the community was also very good, and shows that she is attentive to what the consumer (mainly the GR franchise) wants. Purchase right at launch!
  5. Aranha

    Best all round weapon?

    For me, M4 Scoped it´s the best all aroud weapon. Good range, good balance. This is the gun. Aranha
  6. I Think the graphics is very cool for XBOX. Let´s wait.... Aranha
  7. If GRAW lanunch for XBOX "1", I will wait and take XBOX 360 only half next year. Of couse the screens of 360 is better to XBOX. Aranha
  8. Aranha

    Smoke Bombs?

    Yeah man ! The smoke bombs is really cool thing to the next GRAW, let´s wait to see... Aranha GR2 BRAZIL
  9. Aranha

    xbox online for free

    Hi there ! My name is Aranha, and i´m from Brazil Here we have a lot of clans of Ghost Recon 2 (from XBOX) and we play and make a games with other clans. If your clan want a good challenger, play with us ! We have a good host !!! Thank´s a lot ! Bye Aranha