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  1. Funny Cat Pictures

    now more pixels
  2. Funny Cat Pictures

  3. Posing without a gun?

    what about get all your gear on, and set on the ground as if today was your No Easy Day?
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  5. Is there a mod to make Recruit difficulty easier?

    besides god-mod...or is it god mode
  6. Picture Thread

    This thread is dusty....
  7. Roaming Rome

    just a quick impression, I would think 3 days in Rome is equivalent to 1 Trillion of a second in it's total history. And we were there for 2 days...1.75 maybe, and it was waaaay too short. Someone once said, give respect to the history. Don't just look up when you enter any of the structures in Rome. Look down also and pay respect to that first marble you're about to set foot on. That piece is older than anyone you can imagine. The amount of precious arts is way overwhelming. The Sistine Chapel is breathe taking...for religious and non-religious but art lovers. If you're an art historian, this is your go-to and bucket list. reminds me of this scene There was this guy in our group, Bruce. He has Right Hip Arthritis. He asked his DR to give him cortizone shots for this trip so he can see the Sistine Chapel. At dinner I asked him was it worth it. He said, he'd give his Left Hip too to come back to this place and just stay in that room that entire day. Bruce limped for 9 days in our tour. On our departure, he asked that we do a reunion at this place. I couldn't agree more. Be wary though, lots of suspicious looking folks out to take your money. The most vulnerable person in our group was assaulted by 3 young gypsies...girls too. A couple was able to scare them off of our friend and none was taken. We're extremely lucky that it was not tourist season and the crowds were not that over whelming. Wear very very comfortable shoes. I had a hiking shoes and I was still in pain in my back at the end of the day. So much unpaved or cobblestones. I'm still sorting hundreds of pictures.
  8. Roaming Rome

  9. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Rocky
  10. Roaming Rome

  11. Roaming Rome

    https://goo.gl/maps/azyrf1Kcoer So, we're going to Rome in the near future. And I'm kinda researching some cool spots along the way so this is the path from our hotel to various "Must See" that we plan to eat ice cream along the way. If you know some delicious treats and must see please go the link and add to the directions and share the link back here, so others can hopefully use someday. I'm going to try to bring a toy to pose as a selfie on various spots. If not, I'll find a Lego or something else. If you know a cool spot around these path for cool sunset picture, pls share that also Here's my Cat Tax for your help and assistance
  12. The YouTube Thread

  13. The YouTube Thread

  14. Legion of Brothers

    good to learn the names of those who sacrificed and gave their all

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