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  1. You're gonna want this mod
  2. Cpl Ledanek

    The YouTube Thread

  3. Cpl Ledanek

    Picture Thread

    I've been eyeballing this game far too long.
  4. Cpl Ledanek

    The YouTube Thread

  5. Cpl Ledanek

    The YouTube Thread

  6. Cpl Ledanek

    Assetto Corsa

  7. Cpl Ledanek

    Blackfoot Studios

    I keep getting murdered by the Ai I love that it's getting traction with all these YouTube videos
  8. Cpl Ledanek

    The YouTube Thread

  9. Cpl Ledanek

    The YouTube Thread

  10. Cpl Ledanek

    gif thread:

    me, still trying to find that G-Spot
  11. Cpl Ledanek

    gif thread:

  12. Cpl Ledanek

    gif thread:

  13. Cpl Ledanek

    Blackfoot Studios

    Just received notification of it's availability for purchase https://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=16900