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  1. Nobody asked you to remove "hero characters". Read/understand your PM's and contact the good person,nothing difficult.
  2. PM sent for the portuguese camo.
  3. thanks a lot for your contribution.
  4. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...mp;#entry452952
  5. Hi all Well english is not my native language but I'll try to be a bit clear I cant help all of you with centcom bugs because: 1) i dont have all this bugs. 2)some of this bugs seems to be computer spec / hardware problems (Memory/Cpu usage etc...) or mod problems (Mission script or maps),i dont have talent to check this issues,same for Jay.And looks like a part of Centcom Team dont have time or are able to help us. My only problem was about missing and size textures that' why I did a little improvment with all the textures to reduce the size and CPU usage,now my problem is fixed and same for a friend wich use an old P3.I continue to test sometimes with him to see if we can help a bit more.But i'm very limited and i couldnt help with technical issues. I'll upload this little patch as soon as possible and i'll update it each time we or you find a problem in relation with textures,that's all what i can do.I know its nothing amazing but maybe a little part of you will enjoy a bit more this mod. @Janie:I asked Jay to release the mod at the christmas period because i'm too busy this year to help or continue with Centcom (Same for centcom members).Nothing to do with 2006 Awards,it's always a pleasure to receive an award but thats not my/our priority. Regards/eS
  6. Just to be clear i didnt model that character, its a slightly edited stock GR chr and not one of mine.
  7. ................................
  8. Arf,no noob or master...dont hesitate i'm not always here About your question,i use a wacom but all this tips are possible with the mouse. The vest was done with the mouse and painted with the wacom...the outline is a shadow,usually i use one to detach each elements (vest,body armor,etc...)and one to simulate drop shadows (first black circle at the bottom,in the layer panel).
  9. Is the image you posted something you whipped up?? It's amazing! I love the shemagh. I'm sorry, I meant to ask the 50x50 that you referenced (for the webbing), was that hand made or via PS? Your PM was loud and clear
  10. The texture was a swatch camo (portuguese lizard) wich loop very well.Remember my PM for the vest it's handpainted...I start the shape to see if the position is good in 3ds,and when it's fine...i paint wrinkles,add details with 1 or 2 pixel brush and i use pattern for fabric details...you can add subtle dirt effects too. when all is done you can add a layer to simulate skylight (optional): create a new layer in "overlay" or other light mode,with low opacity (10% less or more) use the gradient tool with a white/blue (woodland) or white/yellow (desert). This will give you something less flat.
  11. @ eÅ kwaad - on your .chr models, what is your method for making the webbing on the backpacks? I tried to add noise and blur, and even the texture filter, but it just doesn't look right? Any tips?
  12. @WD:he asked a tip. If you dont use a tablet,follow Callmehobbes tips,wich is more interesting than VDL or Tele Tubbies Pack **Thanks for the replies. How about a more detailed pattern (i.e. the Police pattern in the skinning section)? Was that done via cloning a photo, or actually creating the pattern?** I dont see what you mean,post a pic or a link and we/I 'll try to help you.
  13. Congratulations to Centcom team and all people who contibuted for this great mod.Have fun! here is a link for your eyes (allied chrs),more pics to come. eSkwaad Lab.
  14. 100kom!!