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  1. Naturally I would love for UBI to break with tradition and produce a good GR game. It will take an awful lot to convince me though and the flashy trailer did not do that. I bought GR: FS on a Steam sale and I swear I felt nauseous playing it. I mean, with anger and frustration and just plain disappointment that bordered on PTS grief for the continued abortions that have been sequels to OGR. I was quite hard on the GRAWS when they first came out but they actually had some great aspects. I got as far as the balcony shoot out in one of the early missions in GR: FS and un-installed it. I think right at the most intense point of a firefight the game suddenly wrested control away from me to go into a cut scene. That and the constant silhouetting of all my enemy made me want to vomit. The joy of identifying targets was taken away from me and replaced by hand holding. Honestly, I think GR: FS is probably one of he worst game play expereinces I have ever had in my life. It felt like I was back in an arcade playing Time Crisis. I've noticed that trailers for games can often make them look far, far, far more awesome than they really are. Wild lands doen't even look that good. I mean, who cares about sleazy drug runners in crap hole South American countries. I miss the Russians. But, as I said, I'd love to be surprised.
  2. This is kind of weird but I'm back playing OGR. I usually re install it on my Steam and refresh ever year or so. I do missions by launching a public server just in case anyone came across it and dropped in. Anyway, as I play the missions in GR and DS (I never liked IT, perhaps because I dislike tropical environments), I'm constantly struck by how I still like the graphic. I mean, I even like them more than 'any' modern day PC of console game. I like them more than Arma or Isurgency or any other game close to OGR and I like them more than any flashy console or PC game such as Far Cry 4. I guess it's not about technology but design aesthetic. Almost every other modern game seems to be obsessed with garish, cartoonish colours. The muted colours in OGR lend a realism that ads to the feeling of being in the maps. In other games I might feel something is cool looking, pretty or interesting but I almost never feel like the artist put love into them and worked on detail. I've been watching Youtube footage of Rainbow Six Siege and although the gameplay looks like a step in the right direction, I'm shocked at how lumpy and basic the graphics are for many of the objects. Here we are, almost fifteen years after the release of OGR and I still think the graphics are better than any other game I've played. I still love the fact that (apart from grass) larger tufts of grass and bushes are consistent no matter how distant you are from them. I've never played a game where I gave careful consideration about which side a bit of foliage has shaddow or which tuft of grass to lay in as a player in the distance is less likely to see me. In other games I just assume their PC will strip that distant environmental feature away so their processor can dedicate more power to fancy stuff in their immediate surroundings. Of course, OGR is lower res and simple in the graphics but the design asthetic is spot on. How long will it be before another game has such graphical nuance and realism? Rocky's idea for a re mastered OGR is cool but I'm hoping the appeal of R6 Siege will be so great that it will lead to a proper sequel to OGR just as the original R6 did (I have zero confidence in Wildlands.
  3. Really, wow, I thought that was for subtitles or soemthing. I'll try it, thanks.
  4. Well six years and a dearth of decent tactical shooters and a new PC have put my circa 2007 vitriol regarding GRAW 1/2 into perspective. I'm surprised how how many things it got right. I guess at the time I only focused on what it got wrong. Playing it now though it's shocking to realise just how very few games there are for the more serious tactical player. Arma is there but I feel it's obsessivness on being a simulation causes it to lose site of the true objective; which is - fun. So I'm giving the GRAW's a replay. I got GRAW 1 on Steam but had a massive headache getting it to work. I figured out that if I turn off Steam and go to the route and right click the game exe and choose to run as an admin it works every time. I also have GRAW 2 installed. I found it cheaper new on Amazon than on Steam (although GRAW 2 is more expensive than GR:FS on Steam which tells you alot about GR:FS). I made the mistake of buying two copies of GRAW 2 on Amazon as the first time I ordered it they sent a message saying they were sold out and my order was 'saved' which I thought meant 'cancelled' or 'frozen'. So I ordered it from another seller for around £5 and a few days later both copies arrived. Too much trouble to send one back. I'll just give it to a friend and maybe get some online game together. Anyway, as I'm going through GRAW 2 I get really annoyed by the constant chatter of the squad mates (especially the patronising back slap every time I get a kill). So I wanted to ask if there is any way I can disable their voices. Can I just remove their sound files from the route so that the instruction to play those samples may still happen but I just won't have to hear them. will that cause the game to crash?
  5. Sigh, I deleted the game from my PC. I gave it one more chance. I hated it so much. Not only was I hemmed in, practically on rails but the game kept taking over and zooming to some animation and showing me the 'unfolding story' then giving it back to me for a bit of shooty then taking over again. What a dispicably patronising gameplay design. Have to say, I'm enjoying GRAW 1. It seems so hardcore compared to the likes of COD/BF3/GR:FS.
  6. Poita

    GRAW1 won't launch in Steam

    I figured it out. I just make sure steam isn't running then I go to the root of the game and right click on the GRAW exe and choose to run it as an administrator.
  7. I've never heard it used on a retail game such as GRAW 2.
  8. I just got a sealed copy of GRAW 2 which I bought on Amazon for £5.20. I was first surprised that it said there was a patch as it is the Focus bargain brand so figured it would be the latest edition. Well I clicked ok to download the auto patch and when it went to install it then played the kind of frenetic 8bit music that usually gets played on cracks etc? The image that was up while it patched from v.1.00 to v.1.05 looked normal but it was weird to hear that music playing.
  9. Actually I've bought GRAW 1 on Steam and despite having to edit an xml file to get the cross com to work and having make sure steam is not running when I run it as admin via the root it is enjoyable to play it ona system that can run it well rather than the crappy one I had back in the day. I feel a bit bad as I play it because having played crap like GR:FS I now realise that although GRAW 1 & 2 wern't OGR they were actually bloody good in many ways (despite my biatching at them at the time).
  10. I think he's saying, 'they should know better'. well the same thing is happening in movies too. Actually, by amazing coincidence I watched GI Joe 2 for the same amount of time before quitting it as I played GR:FS. The difference between GI Joe/transformers/battleship etc adn . . . Avengers/Aliens/Robocop is that the latter appeal to the younger 'and' more mature viewer. However, the former make more money, as does crap like COD & GR:FS; and to be honest I don't blame the devs as it's not they who call the shots but rather the money people and it is the job of the money people to take the easiest path to the most money. If a much larger number of people want to keep having crap shoveled at them then who are the money people to say 'no, we'd rather make less money for much harder work'. I just wonder that as well as all the dross there surely has to be a market for old school GR style games. I sure miss the early days of OGR when this site was buzzing.
  11. Poita

    GRAW1 won't launch in Steam

    Steam always auto updates when I start my pc. Also, I've tried every option to launch and it won't launch.
  12. I was so disgusted with GR:FS that I just bought and downloaded GRAW1 on Steam. It won't launch though. I uninstalled it and downloaded it again and had the same problem. I searched and found that others have that problem. Shocking that games sometimes won't launch for a lot of people (RTW2 had the same problem). In the case of GRAW1 they must have had time to fix but but haven't yet still selling it knowing that it won't work. Does anyone know a fix for this?
  13. Yeah I admit I only played about five minutes but it felt like a five year olds version of OGR. Really constrained set pieces and oh god the hand holding is suffocating. I despise them for what they have done to GR. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing GRAW2 on Steam; which is ironically more expensive than GR:FS. I'm currently playing Arma3 but so far feel a little frustrated with the SP. I know they want it to be more realistic but I do feel that as soon as you are theoretically in the line of sight of an AI they instantly have perfect vision of you which isn't very realistic in my view.
  14. Well, as I just got a new PC (for Rome TW2 & Arma3) I noticed that GR:FS was quite cheap on Steam at around £8 so I thought I'd roll the dice and give it a try. The pre released videos which made this game look as if it had some promise did not do justice to just how unbelevably horrible it is. All the desire to play it drained from me within the first few minutes. The forced 3rd person view, the fat, massive generic and un specific crosshairs, the lound colours and chunky graphics (eve on a 27inch Dell at all graphics as high as they can go) the horrible, horrible, horrible hand holding and shepherding into 'cool set pieces'. Honestly, this game makes GRAW 1/2 look like the greatest games ever. I thought at least I might be able to adjust a lot of options to get it a bit closer to the GR we love but this game is to the GR franchese what a four piece jigsaw is to serious puzzles. Does it have any redeeming features? Ghost Recon is surely dead and buried.
  15. Well I don't expect much from the PC version but that's nothing new as I'm still waiting for a shooter on any system to best OGR. However, I've just downlloaded and watched the Ghost Recon Alpha twenty minute trailer and I was totally transfixed. UBI might suck at making games but you know what, they rock at making/producing movies. When that dog/mule think came walking round the corner I had a bit of an ED209 flashback to me sittingin the cinema in downtown boston in the Eighties watching the board room scene in Robocop. Then when it put it's wheels out and set off after one of the Ghosts I was loving it. Then again when it used its legs to halt and corner I thought it justlooked awesome. Looking forward to the sequel, rest of it.