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  1. spearhead

    Cell regeneration

    Scientists at manchester university are doing research on how animals such as the frog can regenerate body parts in order to implement some kind of medicine for humans to allow us to heal wounds with no scars and eventually grow body parts back. This wouldnt be genetic engineering to children to give them this ability, this would be a local injection to the affected area and would get to work, and this could be done within our lifetimes. imagine it, a woman with breast cancer has her breast removed, but would be able to grow her breast back. a child in africa looses a limb from a mine but grows it back a soldier gets a laceration across the face that would have left a scar before, but now can heal fully without any sign of ever being cut im so excited to see what sort of changes to the world like this we may see in our lifetime, it makes my imagination run wild full story: BBC News
  2. spearhead

    Peripheral Brain.

    how do we know that we're not colout blind and that everyone else is seeing a different colour?
  3. spearhead

    Top Gear

  4. spearhead

    Peripheral Brain.

    ive always been curious as to wether the world is actually how we see it? if u get what i mean; if what our eyes percieve as normal colours and such is how the world actually is
  5. spearhead

    British military site

    hey all, ive been making a british mod for bf2 since it was released, for research on the mod i had to look around to find info on british forces, the ones i did find were naff, hardly any info, even the british armies own website is pretty dull. i feel that we need a website that gives all info there is, so im setting up a website about the british armed forces, heres what info it'll have.. Army Kits - Uniforms - Weapons Vehicles - Land - Air Units (info on all regiments, divisions. ect...) Bases History TA Navy Ships - Surface fleet - SubSurface fleet - Royal Fleet Auxilary - Historic (some notable historic ships like the victory) Shore bases Fleet Air Arm Uniforms Marines - Kits - Units (regiments ect...) - History History Royal Naval Reserve Royal Marines Reserve Royal Air Force Squadrons Aircraft Uniforms RAF Regiment History Bases RAF Reserve General Future Ranks Whatever i can think of to go here Im looking for represntatives of each of these armed forces to give their insight into their jobs n such... so if ur in the army, navy, raf, ta, marines, rnr, rmr, raf regiment or raf reserve and youd like to volunteer to be a representative of your force then please give me a shout as i need all the help i can get this site is a huge project and will take a long time to set up, currently in the design stage. if your not in the armed forces id appreciate your help anyway so if youd like to help out in research, design or admin then also please give me a shout kylewood@cwgsy.net
  6. spearhead

    Test yourself

    Royal Navy RAID try this one, its brilliant
  7. spearhead

    4x new screenshots

    booooootiful, i'll be sitting outside of my games shop waiting for that one
  8. spearhead

    Battlestar Galactica

    i saw the pilot episodes on sky one and i loved it, but i cudnt quite grasp if it was set instead of or after the original series, ah well, i prefer it to the original, but i odnt have sky anymore to watch it :'(
  9. spearhead

    Member photos

    whatd u do to ur arm there wk?
  10. spearhead

    [hoax] katrina storm photos

    well u can tell its not pics of katrina cause theyre tornado type storms, u can even see the tornados!! lol ones a force 4 the other luk like force 2's
  11. spearhead

    Bush gone fishing

    my lecturer showed it too my class at college, whole class broke out laughing, its brilliant its only a bash at bush which everyone loves to do now n then, i wudnt say its insensative
  12. spearhead


    haha, just the sight of bush is funny but that tag line wiv it, lmao
  13. spearhead

    england won the ashes

    Turn it up, neither are our national sport, our national sport is AFL. But yesaustralia doesnt play cricket anymore. ######in ricky ponting, a brick would make a better captain! ← well ur international sports then, the sports aussies are known for around the world and used to dominate untill now
  14. spearhead

    england won the ashes

    so u werent alive when england won the rugby world cup?? weve now taken the rugby world cup and the ashes off the aussies, weve beaten them at both of their national sports, the things they love
  15. spearhead

    Calling all Aussies!

    first time weve won the ashes since before i was born, you aus's must be gutted, weve taken the rugby world cup off u and now the ashes, both being ur national sports been a FANTASTIC series of cricket, amazing play from both sides, drama, comdedy, the works