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  1. listenin to the Floyd how i wish how i wish you were here.........
  2. wooooooow one word PWNED! haha poor TV
  3. lol thats great 35 pages and another site talking about it now ill really start to laugh if i ever see someone with that shirt walkin around
  4. Kotton Mouth Kings - Daydreamin' Fazes
  5. holy hood scoop batman! nice, good year Fire Bird too got my 350 last night, should be put together in one or two days depending on how other things go, I should be off and driving the Trans Am here soon!!
  6. scapegoat, like said in previous posts everyones lookin for something to blame and games just happen to be the no.1 scapegoat for violent behavior in kids, but why blame the game when its the parents who couldn't care less what their kids are doing....... right on violent games!!
  7. atleast GR3 will force me to get upgrades muwahaha
  8. GR3? ohhh i use Edited, Nero to burn, and WinAmp to listen
  9. 20K?! i got my Trans Am for $900, used.....duh......but basicaly no engine
  10. just becausde there was no set release doesnt mean a game wont come out who woulda thunk, HL2 anyone?
  11. heres a link to a picture of my Trans Am taken in December http://img148.echo.cx/my.php?image=p10101943ok.jpg actually makin progress on it, painted the engine compartment yesterday and the 350 s.b. will be commin soon, should be good to go in like 2 weeks
  12. dude a cup helps, thank the man upstairs, but it aint gonna save children if a 80-90 MPH fast ball finds ya there
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