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  1. It's good to see your still here Rocky continuing the Lords work...
  2. Taken a couple of years ago-
  3. Lets hope "Klear" still works on these puppies ..
  4. Blimey there's a blast from the past mate, I used to play this along with other games such as "Hired Guns" etc on my Amiga 2000 and do you know what I think I enjoyed some of those games more than I do nowadays, must be getting old..
  5. Good to see lifes treating you well mate.
  6. I served many years ago and although I can't say that I've been a "balanced human being" all this time it wasn't until a year or so ago that I had to make an appointment with a councillor after a particular situation at work, I was "diagnosed" with PTSD and given a series of "EMDR" sessions to take part in for several months. I can't say that I was "cured" after the sessions but some days are better that others rather than every day being a bit of a struggle, especially in situations where I can feel myself starting to get agitated, normally anywhere there are lots of people especially shops etc, I can sense my tolerance level dropping rapidly and normally I just decide to go home, I still tend to avoid these situations on certain days when I wake up knowing I don't want to go out and see anybody, but at least I have days now where I can deal with the issue. "I'm actually a really nice person. I just don't like other people.."
  7. LMAO that's what I figured..
  8. So Rocky have you ever been abducted and probed or is that just a normal night out for you guys up there..
  9. Seen all 3 of them and in my opinion I don't think they portray the UK forces in the best light possible, I know it's a difficult situation and the troops on the ground have a hard job to carry out, maybe it's a generational thing, but I have so many questions about how the operations are run including the behaviour of some of the troops, the command and control of the NCO's on the troops, especially during the contacts and the general demeanour of our troops on the ground. Just because it's a hard role doesn't excuse some of the behaviour and culture that seems to have become prevalent in the military now, fighting has never been easy no matter where you are, maybe it's because everyone's so aware that they are going to be on the telly that they behave the way they do but I don't think it gives the impression of professionalism that used to be part and parcel of being in the military. As I said this is just my impression and I don't suppose for one minute that the general public will feel the same way.
  10. On my way round now to tell you off for being so naughty.... :'>
  11. At least you imagine us with clothes on Apex, :lol: and how did you know Rocky had such a large TV ?
  12. Just about sums it up.. That's the clean version btw..
  13. Nice work Z', I started this one before I knew you had already done yours so it's there if anyone wants it..
  14. They did a review of it on tonight's "Film 2011" and rated it pretty highly so it should be worth a viewing.
  15. I saw it and popped it onto "series link", not bad, but these programs never seem to deliver what I had hoped and tend to cover the same ground and use conjecture rather than the facts they obviously can't show on TV.