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  1. LOL yes the Smerch, I think there was a bit of a caption competition going on in the thread.
  2. Sad news indeed, He helped me a few time with my vehicle mods RIP Migryder
  3. Hammer


    The Rockall map was based on the land mass under the sea that the rock jutts up from.
  4. Hammer

    "Sharing is Caring" Mod Permissions

    He gave Tinker express permission to use them in Blood Oil only, He threw his toys out the pram when i re-skinned a couple as a test for the specialists
  5. Hammer

    Drink of Choice?

    Jim Beam, Red Stag and Coors
  6. Hammer

    Picture Thread

  7. Hi, Any of you guys been using the new Warlords modules to make your own games ? If so do you know how to get rid of the "Hint" messages that keep popping up on screen every few mins ?
  8. Hammer

    Vehicles with Dynamic Lights

    You may want to check out my Vehicle pack 2, im sure T!nker added front and rear lights, with the front ones being destructible.
  9. Hammer

    Ghost Recon in Arma 3

    SNAP lol
  10. Hammer

    change the direction of this site

    "hear, hear!" I couldn't put it any better
  11. Hammer

    Windows 10 Installing Ghost Recon

    Same here, and most people I know have had to do the same for W7.
  12. It matters a lot to me, and to the guys I play with, As we play Arma we all have our own identity's which makes recognition in game a lot easer .
  13. Hammer

    Island Thunder 2 in Arma 3

    Awesome work re-creating one of the best game intros ever
  14. Hammer

    I have learned much

    “No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy” German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke.