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    Russian Airshow Crash

    67? kinda sucks to be that pilot, i wonder if he malfunctioned, or just misjudjed the loop?
  2. desertranger12

    DS Original x360 Faceplate

  3. desertranger12

    Words of wisdom...

    ← thats old testament stuff there bud... ok no one mentioned: its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog... another good one, actually from Patton:there is only one tactical principle which is not subject to change. it is to use the means at hand to inflict the maximum amount of wounds, death, and destruction on the enemy in the minimum amount of time. and another: its better to die on your feet than live on your knees DR12
  4. desertranger12

    attn dog lovers

    how so? its not really hurtin them...
  5. desertranger12

    comic of the day

    thats pretty good, got anymore?
  6. desertranger12

    DOH! delay until the 15th

    so its gonna be out on my B-day sweet
  7. desertranger12

    How Long Will This Keep You Happy?

    exactly... what is a video clip going to do for you that a demo will not, WHILE playing the ACTUAL game? whats up with that?
  8. desertranger12

    Bullet Camera:Will the real Sam Fisher stand up

    count me out!
  9. desertranger12

    Real time footage of GRAW

    ← my thoughts exactly...
  10. desertranger12

    Got a New Toy? Post it!

    dang those are nice! i was gonna be getting a m4 sometime this year, but ive decided to wait til the SCAR civvie comes out next year...
  11. desertranger12

    Real time footage of GRAW

    bo already talked about that...
  12. desertranger12

    Real time footage of GRAW

    Read Bo's post on the top of page 2. ← but should they be that different? the guy was like 2m away... he should still die right?
  13. desertranger12

    Real time footage of GRAW

    thats good stuff, but with that i noticed a few things. 1. the explosion without ageia looks a little more realistic, would a truck really explode like that with a grenade? and 2. if they are the same explosion, just with two diff processors, why does the enemie next to the truck die differently? wouldnt the shrapnel travel the same distance and still kill him the same?
  14. desertranger12

    What if.....

    its not gonna happen bottom line
  15. desertranger12

    An advertisement!?

    whats it say, any new screens?
  16. desertranger12

    GR:AW expansion pack back-story ideas

    i think it would be sweet to have a realistic sniper mission, actually conceal yourself and wait for the right shot from a mile away... that would be cool
  17. desertranger12

    GR:AW expansion pack back-story ideas

    2014, a year after the mexico crisis... osama bin laden has been dead for 2 years and until now alquaeda has been quiet after the break up of small cells spread all around the middle east, but just recently HUMINT(i think it would be cool to have some interaction with intel guys) has been picking up chatter of a new leader and the reorginization of the terrorist orginization. along with the regrouping of this group comes the threat of new attacks on american and allied soil. but the new leader(hakmed or whatever u wanna name him) has a personal thing against the newly formed democratic governments in IRAQ and surrounding countries and tries to team up with N. korea and china to start another world war while carrying out smaller attacks to distract attention from their main goal. so the ghosts move into Pakistan, afghanistan, turkmenastan, wherever they gonna go like the green berets did back in 2001, wearing indeginous clothing, and carrying local weaponry completing objectives and moving around the moutinous country side( thats kinda like afghanistan) doing whatever needs to be done to prevent this newly reformed organization from creating chaos in the region. *i also think the nuclear/bio thing has been overdone... *i would love to see a recon (for lack of a better word) mission. there was a show on usa a while back about a US intel guy in afghanistan hunting down these drug traffickers, when they come upon a US SF group set in place to take out the enemies. but i think use of light 50 would be sweet in the mountains of afghanistan would be awesome, you could have some sniper/assaniation mission aswell. well whatever..... hope u liked it...
  18. desertranger12

    New Flythrought Videos posted on Ghostrecon UK

    um... yea, check the news page, and theyre definately 360
  19. desertranger12

    real world effect of a bullet on a body

    that second shot on the vest was mighty close to clipping that guy in the side...
  20. kinda funny, where did SN6 go?
  21. desertranger12

    GRAW movie

    but i know a couple of people that would like to be in it...
  22. desertranger12

    GRAW movie

    cant help u with acting, but rocky make sure to post once its done, it sounds cool...
  23. huh... hasnt happened to me, ill watch the vid and see...
  24. desertranger12


    hehe that reminds me of one of the ebst amtches i was ever invloved with. started around 8 pom my time adn didnt get over till the morning lol. we split the first 2 maps and then the third one we tied 3 times before fianlly getting the match over. man it was so fun. and the best part about it was that we my clan was friends with the other clan we where playing agains and man nether side wanted to elt the otehr win cause of the bragging rights hehe (i do belive we wont but who cares when youj have so much fun in a match?) man i hope graw can have matches like that again hehe ← what grade are you in, or are you just drunk?