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    Rocky taken out by Rocket

    lol whisper i would say that rocky is not all there as well if he knew that his brother is not all there, and allowing him to fire off rockets... if that made any sense?
  2. desertranger12

    Got a New Toy? Post it!

    I would almost feel sorry for the guy that tries to break into your house... ← ditto, hed have to be f'n crazy to try to break into serellans house if he knew all the guns he has in there...
  3. desertranger12

    How much access to building interiors?

    i understand what u are saying, but the way i understand it, the MP maps arent going to have as much city maps as the SP version is, and in that case, i dont think the AI is going to be doing a lot of camping
  4. colin and zero alpha theyre our men, if they cant do it no one can, literally i dont know what the purpose of this topic really is, just thought colin and zero alpha need some extra encouragement gettin this report done. sure it will be good guys... thoughts?
  5. desertranger12

    GRIN vs. GR.net Fans

    Yeah, I gave up on trying to keep it a non-discussion thread. ← lol, oops
  6. desertranger12

    PC games are the future not Xbox or PS

    dude, love the sig... "i may be a sinner beyond redemption, but im not a UBI official" hahaha
  7. desertranger12

    Why 'Close' the Injuries Topic?

    the admins arent gonna do something just cause u asked them, if they feel it needs to be closed, its closed!
  8. desertranger12

    Tracer rounds

    i dont really know, but it would be interesting to know...
  9. desertranger12

    GRAW PC trailer

    no, that cant be possible, the PC vid thread on the 2nd page, do you really call your selves hardcore GR gamers, the first real news weve had in years and you dont care anymore, just a few questions and you give up? i am ashamed! none of you have the right to say you are GR fans, just stop pretending and go play BF. absolutely just kidding , and bump, cant beleive this huge thread was pushed back to the second page, anyway...
  10. desertranger12

    GRAW PC trailer

    same here, ive watched a bunch... its on my PSP now as well...
  11. desertranger12

    Trees and plants and stuff

    awesome! how close to finishing?
  12. desertranger12

    Rocky taken out by Rocket

    something up with the servers over at file, never mind, wait never mind the never mind... theres something not working right...
  13. desertranger12

    Trees and plants and stuff

    go work on that report colin...
  14. desertranger12

    Trees and plants and stuff

    even if there was, it would be the wrong kind of vegetation, unless you want a jungle full of palm trees...
  15. desertranger12

    GRAW PC trailer

    i like the way SC does it, roll the mouse wheel to go faster in what ever stance. 'cept i think crawling should have only one speed...
  16. desertranger12

    GRAW PC trailer

    This is really an understatement, its superb in the way it has been done. Its totally natural to the player it feels perfect. ← great news, where are yall in the report colin?
  17. desertranger12

    Injuries in GRAW

    cmon, read the thread, the reasons are in there
  18. desertranger12


    hey, im so buff... crash!
  19. desertranger12


    thats just sick...
  20. desertranger12

    The end of the world!

    i had seen that a while back, cant remember where... funny ######? mate
  21. desertranger12

    GRAW PC trailer

    okay, well ive got questions pertaining to the video, i think this is my third time with the same Q's, lol. anyway... Your sig is beginning to worry me ← today is a great day! and your sig is beginning to worry me aswell... BO, some Q's 1. in the airsupport scene, the character was maybe only 25m away, how can a bomb smash in that close and not take ANY damage? unless it was like superman mode... 2. you talked in another post of yours about a point system, and about earning, not buying, stuff like silencers which i saw in the game... i also saw an MP5, so you can earn weapons aswell? any way can you elaborate at all... plus, will there be enough points throughout the game to allow purchase of all items? 3. okay another point that has bothered me, and i have never gotten strait answers, how does training work? can you talk about that at all? oh, and great vid by the way! <-2 thumbs up ← *edit, sorry for the double post
  22. desertranger12

    GRAW PC trailer

    It is actually. ← thats crazy nice, is it on high graphics settings or what? i love the light over his eye as well lethal...looks sweet anyother sweet pics like that u wanna share...?
  23. desertranger12

    Injuries in GRAW

    i understand what ur saying, dut dont know the answer...
  24. desertranger12

    GRAW Virals

    so how are they going to do the PC versions?
  25. desertranger12

    New Screens

    u got the whole movie on there... wow...